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Interview Summaries: Victim's Students

Over several days following the murder of Kristi Waterson, the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department conducted a canvass of the victim's students. The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.

  • Marsha Boyd, age 19, sophomore

Ms. Boyd said that she had taken one class from Kristi Waterson. She said that had registered for Waterson's class in the fall and had planned on taking more classes from her in the future. "This is going to sound really bad, like I'm lazy or something, but she was a really easy grader. Guaranteed A."

  • Frank Fowler, age 21, junior

Mr. Fowler said that he had taken two classes from Waterson in the past two years. "I didn't have any problem with her running around with students," he said. "She was with Hunter most of the time that I was in her class, until he soured on her and they broke up." Mr. Fowler said that he did not know the details of why Waterson and Hunter Nelson terminated their relationship.

  • Rick Hastert, age 21, senior

Mr. Hastert said he had taken two classes from Waterson. "She was okay, not demanding at all. But she selected good reading material. So if you were willing to basically teach yourself, the class could be okay." Mr. Hastert said that he was in class with Hunter Nelson and that Hunter rarely came to class. "Everyone knew about it when they broke up and then he disappeared. Never showed up again after that. Not that he attended very often beforehand."

  • Dan Ho, age 22, senior

Mr. Ho said he took one class from Waterson and "would not ever waste my time like that again." Mr. Ho said Waterson was an "atrocious teacher and unethical on top of it." He said that, although her murder was a tragic event, that she was an "embarrassment to the University" as a teacher.

  • George Labarge, age 21, senior
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Mr. Labarge said he had taken three classes from Waterson. "She was a good teacher, despite what some people said. I mean, I got the A's I needed and her class and homework didn't interfere with practice at all." Mr. Labarge said he plays tight end on the UM varsity football team. When asked which individuals had commented negatively on the victim's teaching methods, Mr. Labarge said that "nobody on the team did, but one geek named, uh, Foyle, did. Yeah. Weldon Foyle. Stupid jerk was always running off at the mouth before and after class." Mr. Labarge could not recall specifics, just that Mr. Foyle thought the class and "the system" were unfair.

  • Mike St. Clair, age 18, freshman

Mr. St. Clair said he took one class from Waterson but didn't have much to say about her. "I didn't go that much and she didn't take roll." Mr. St. Clair said that he had no knowledge of Ms. Waterson dating any students.

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