The Crime Scene features fictional crime cases. It is a unique combination of interactive storytelling and gaming.

The Crime Scene is operated by Tom Arriola. Please direct questions to him at [email protected]


Crime Scene Membership Benefits
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Ask the Detective your Questions
Ask direct questions to the detective and get direct answers via our investigator messaging center. This is the most valuable service we offer -- one-to-one communication with a dedicated investigator.

Advance Exclusive Information
Each week, you see the case information before it is released to the general public. Much of this evidence is developed based on paid member input. You affect the investigation.

Chat Events
During the run of the case, chat events may occur. You will be specially invited to speak directly with witnesses, suspects, and investigators.

Evidence Search Engine
The current case and many of the solved cases have a member-only search engine to access the evidence files for the case you are investigating.
Access the Case Archives
We offer 12 solved cases in our case archives. The evidence and solutions are available to members.


Your own Detective Notepad
This feature, available in the members area, allows you to keep private notes about the case.

Days of Fun
Rent one video or buy one mystery novel and you'll spend more money than you will for a whole month of member access. Crime Scene entertainment is a bargain.

Weekly Evidence Updates
Each week, new evidence is posted based on viewer input. Investigators listen to your leads in the discussion area. You affect the investigation.


Solve the Case
If you follow the evidence and pay attention to the clues, you'll have enough information to figure out whodunit.