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Interview: Dave Rivera, pizza delivery man

Wednesday, June 23, 2004 -- 1:25 PM

The witness was working at Dino's Pizza on the night Kristi Waterson was murdered. Restaurant records show he was one of two drivers on duty that evening. The interview took place at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department and was recorded on a portable tape recorder with the witness's knowledge and consent.

TA = Detective T. Armstrong
SM = Detective S. Murphy
DR = Dave Rivera

SM: Thanks for stopping by today.

DR: Sure thing. What's up?

SM: For the record, would you state your name and address?

DR: Dave Rivera, 721 Martin Luther King Drive.

SM: How old are you, Mr. Rivera?

DR: 19. I'm a sophomore.

SM: A student at the university?

DR: Yeah. Is this about that professor being murdered?

SM: And where do you work?

DR: I'm a delivery driver Dino's -- on Jackson Avenue? It's decent money. So is this about that murder?

SM: We're making enquiries about Ms. Waterson's death, yes.

DR: Wow -- cool. I didn't have any classes with her, but I heard she was hot!

TA: What's your major, Mr. Rivera?

DR: Journalism? And music. When I graduate I'm going to write for Spin.

TA: Excellent. Mr. Rivera, what can you tell us about the deliveries you made the night of Saturday, May 22?

DR: I don't usually work Saturdays. Oh, wait -- May 22. I totally remember that night! I was going to see The Cool Jerks but then Aaron asked me to sub for him. I was totally bummed, but I needed the cash.

SM: What else do you remember? Any particular deliveries?

DR: It was pretty typical night. I mean, it was totally crazy? ‘Cause it was Saturday. But otherwise, just the usual routine.

SM: What time did you start work?

DR: Six to midnight was my shift. I got home around twelve-thirty.

TA: Mr. Rivera, we need you to try to remember details. How many deliveries did you make?

DR: Wow. No idea. Maybe twenty? It was a lot.

SM: Were there any deliveries in particular that stood out?

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DR: No. I mean, wait -- there were a couple of good tippers. Some rich guy on Elm Street -- I've seen his car on campus? He's got one of those Insight hybrids, it's awesome! Anyway, he gave me, like, a ten-dollar tip on a totally normal order. It was just a pizza -- wait, I totally remember now! It was half Hawaiian, half Mediterranean. I was handing over the box and saying how, with Mediterranean, I was always sure to keep it level, ‘cause that pesto sauce can run and get into the other half which would totally suck.

SM: What was his name?

DR: I don't know him. He paid cash? It was 15 bucks and he had a twenty and a five, and he was all, "Keep the change."

SM: Who was he with at the time?

DR: I don't know. I didn't see anyone else. He was alone in the hall when he opened the door. Wait -- there was someone else there. The TV was on in the living room and I heard a chick asking if he needed money. He told her no -- that's when he gave me the awesome tip.

SM: Around what time was that, would you say?

DR: It was just getting dark. I guess around nine?

SM: What did you notice about his appearance?

DR: Nothing special. He looked like a yuppie. You know -- polo shirt and all that.

SM: Is this him?

DR: Yeah.

TA: What about the woman -- did you see her?

DR: No. I heard her though. She sounded like a snob. Or maybe that was the TV? I heard an English accent, you know?

SM: Okay. What else can you tell us about that delivery?

DR: I don't know. It was a regular pizza delivery? I can't think of anything else except the dude looked rich.

TA: What about the second good tipper?

DR: It wasn't as much. It was like five dollars, but it was a bigger order? I think they got some dipping sticks.

TA: Where was that?

DR: Out on North Lamar -- the big houses out there? Rich kids partying, I guess.

SM: What else can you tell us about that evening?

DR: I can't think of anything else.

TA: Did you make any deliveries to The Turn?

DR: No. I know the apartment manager there -- Dewey? He's awesome! I go there sometimes and hang out.

TA: Did you ever see Ms. Waterson there?

DR: Who?

TA: The professor.

DR: Oh -- she lived there? Wow! No. I totally didn't know that.

TA: Okay. What about people out walking around. Did you see anything unusual?

DR: No. I mean, there were lots of people hanging out at Ajax. But otherwise no. I don't remember.

TA: All right. Just give us a call if you remember anything else.

DR: Cool.

Interview ends -- 1:52 PM

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