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Interview: Donald "Dewey" Devoe, victim's apartment complex manager

Monday, May 24, 2004 -- 5:05 PM

The witness, Donald ""Dewey" Devoe, is the manager of the apartment complex where the victim lived. The witness was interviewed at his residence. The interview was recorded on a portable tape recorder with the witness's knowledge and consent.

TA = Detective T. Armstrong
SM = Detective S. Murphy
DD = Donald "Dewey" Devoe

SM: Thanks for talking with us today.

DD: Sure.

SM: Would you state your name and address, please?

DD: Dewey Devoe, or -- you want my real name?

SM: Yeah. Your real name.

DD: Donald Wayne Devoe, 588 Hathorn, Apartment 22. I prefer Dewey.

SM: How old are you?

DD: 29.

SM: What do you do for work, Mr. Devoe?

DD: I manage this fine apartment complex. Live here and run the place -- you know, help tenants with their groceries, let them in when they forget their keys, and so on. I get the apartment and some cash -- pretty sweet.

SM: We're here to talk about Ms. Waterson's death. Apartment 232.

DD: Yeah, Kristi. I can't believe it. She's dead -- that just blows my mind.

SM: What was your relationship to the victim?

DD: The usual. I collected the rent, gave them light bulbs, wiped their noses when they sneezed, and so on.

TA: Please, Mr. Devoe. This is a serious matter.

DD: Sorry. It's just that she and Michelle were like some of the other people here -- uptight. Everything had to be perfect all the time, like they can't survive if the bathroom window's stuck or the doorbell's broken. She was always calling me about this or that. She was on my case about the fridge -- there was some kind of leak, she wanted me to call the repair guy and so on. I guess her mom broke her hip, and next thing I know, she's jumping down my throat about it. It's like, I'm sorry, but couldn't she mop the floor?

TA: Jumping down your throat how, exactly?

DD: She came over the other day, last Tuesday I guess -- told me what happened and she was maybe going to sue. Totally harsh. She didn't do anything though; she was just being uptight. It's not like I heard from my boss.

TA: When did you last see Ms. Waterson?

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DD: That was it. I didn't hear from her or Michelle after that. I let the guy in to fix the leak -- that was Thursday. They weren't home.

SM: Was Ms. Waterson ever late with the rent?

DD: No.

TA: Did she ever party with you?

DD: What?

TA: Word on the street is that you and your stash are pretty popular around campus.

DD: Who told you that?

SM: No one needs to tell us -- the place reeks.

DD: Okay, maybe I smoke a little, but it's for medicinal purposes.

TA: Uh-huh. Look, Mr. Devoe, we're investigating a homicide here. We could come back with a search warrant and prosecute from there, if you want.

DD: I can't tell you anything else. It's true I like to hang with students -- it's definitely in tune with my lifestyle.

SM: Did you, as you say, hang with either Ms. Waterson or Ms. Prescott?

DD: No. Kristi wasn't into partying, as far as I could tell. And definitely not Michelle.

SM: What about any of their friends?

DD: Nope.

TA: What kind of friends did Ms. Waterson have?

DD: I didn't really pay any attention, you know? She was over 21.

TA: With all the students you know, you never heard any talk about who Ms. Waterson's friends were? You never recognized anyone who came to visit her?

DD: Kristi and I weren't tight, okay? We just knew each other ‘cause she lived here and I work here.

TA: That doesn't really answer the question, though, does it?

DD: Look, Kristi used to have this boyfriend. Okay -- like, you aren't going to tell him I ratted, are you?

TA: Come on, Mr. Devoe.

DD: Hunter Nelson. He was her boyfriend for a few months. He was her student -- crazy. They broke up a while ago, but I still run into him sometimes.

TA: Broke up when precisely?

DD: I don't know. Four, five months ago, maybe? It's not like I was keeping track.

TA: Did he tell you why?

DD: All he said was it didn't work out. I don't really know him, you know? We just hang out sometimes.

TA: When was the last time you saw him?

DD: I really don't recall. Last week sometime would have been the latest. Things are pretty mellow right now ‘cause it's summer.

TA: Did Ms. Waterson have other boyfriends? Had she been dating anyone lately?

DD: I don't know. I'm sure she dated; honestly, I heard she dated quite a bit. Crazy -- hanging with students and so on. But I don't know specifics.

TA: What about you? You're a good-looking guy. Did she ever -- ?

DD: No way. She's not my type. She was hot all right -- it's just not my style to put everything on display.

TA: All right. So what did you do Saturday?

DD: Just the usual. I went to the store, hit the gym, that kind of thing.

TA: And Saturday night? Did you go out?

DD: No. I just hung out, watched a little TV, did some laundry and so on.

TA: Did you see anyone else Saturday night? Any visitors?

DD: No.

TA: What about Ms. Waterson or Ms. Prescott? Anyone come by to see them on Saturday?

DD: No. Okay -- look, it's not like I keep tabs on everyone. I'm not a security guard; I'm the property manager. It's not my responsibility.

TA: So you were just sitting here by yourself, watching TV and doing laundry, while Kristi Waterson was being murdered?

DD: Yeah. I know. It's totally weird. It's tragic, you know?

TA: You didn't sound too fond of Ms. Waterson earlier.

DD: Hey, don't get me wrong. She was a tightass, but it's not my style to hold a grudge. I like to get along with everyone. Live in harmony and so on.

SM: We're just trying to collect the facts, Mr. Devoe. Any trouble from that apartment?

DD: Other than them getting uptight about that little leak, no. No complaints about them.

SM: What kind of visitors did Ms. Waterson and Ms. Prescott have, in general?

DD: I dunno. They didn't cause any trouble, and I don't go snooping. But nobody said anything about people being over there. I mean, some folks get uptight if music is too loud, but nothing like that for those two.

TA: Who do you think could have killed Ms. Waterson?

DD: Wow. I honestly have no idea. It just blows my mind.

TA: Okay then, Mr. Devoe. We'll be back.

DD: We're cool, right?

SM: For now, yes.

DD: Hasta la vista.

Interview ends -- 5:44 PM

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