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Witness Interview: Mary Haywood, church member

2:06 p.m.

The witness was identified as Mary Haywood, a member of the church, Church of Christ the Avenger. Detective Armstrong interviewed Haywood at her home on Sept. 23, 1996. The interview was recorded on a portable audio tape recorder with the witness's knowledge and consent.

TA = Detective Ted Armstrong
MH = Mary Haywood

TA: State your name and address for the record.

MH: Mary Haywood, 10 Park Lane, Mountain Home, Arkansas

TA: Now then Mrs. Haywood. Can you tell me what happened on the night of April 1, 1995?

MH: Well, I don�t remember too well. We had a board meeting for our church, and then we had rehearsal for the Easter choir show --every year the church choir puts on a little program down at the high school.

TA: Was the Knight family at the meeting?

MH: Yes -- I mean, that is Frank Knight was there. He�s the only one on the board.

TA: What was the topic he talked about that night? The agenda says it was about political action.

MH: Oh, I wouldn�t remember. It�s nothing out of the ordinary. Usually it�s just about what groups we�re helping. You know -- what we�ve done in the past month.

TA: Do you have minutes from that meeting?

MH: No. We don�t really keep them around. People just take notes for personal use.

TA: Do you have your notes?

MH: From that meeting? No. I threw out that notebook a long time ago.

TA: Let�s go back to the rehearsal. Was the Knight family there?

MH: Yes -- Frank was - Purity and Judy were there then too.

TA: Was Jake Rohleen there?

MH: Well, he�s not in the choir. So I would guess not. I don�t recall. But he sometimes helped with the bleachers, you know, setting up. I�m sorry officer -- I just don�t know.

TA: No problem, Mrs. Haywood. What time did rehearsal end that night? Do you remember?

MH: Well, I know it went late, that�s for sure. We had to get through all the songs. It took forever. Maybe 10:30 or 11.

TA: And was the Knight family there until it ended?

MH: Oh yes. They�re very dedicated.

TA: Did you notice anything unusual at all that evening?

MH: No, nothing.

TA: You�ve been very helpful. Do you have anything to add?

MH: I do. I�d like to say that Frank and Judy Knight are two of the most righteous people I know. God is testing them, because He knows they�ll meet the challenge. That�s how I explain it all.

TA: What about Jake? Is he righteous too?

MH: The poor boy.

TA: Well?

MH: I don't know what you're trying to get me to say, but I won't speak poorly of Jake Rohleen or any chuch member.I'm not that sort of people.

TA: I'm sorry if I've offended you ma'am. Thank you for your time. May we release this interview to the public?

MH: Of course.

TA: Thank you.

2:16 p.m.

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