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Witness Interview: Cindy Gold, Theatre professor

April 3, 1995 - 8:23 a.m.

The witness, identified as Cindy Gold, one of the victim's theatre instructors, was interviewed at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department. The interview was conducted by Det. David Anderson and was recorded on a portable tape recorder with the witness's knowledge and consent.

DA = Detective D. Anderson
CG = Cindy Gold

DA: State your name and address for the record.

CG: My name is Cindy Gold. I live at 3142 Whippoorwill Lane, in Oxford.

DA: Do you know the victim, Valerie Vilson?

CG: Yes. She was the sweetest thing. I can't believe any of this. Are you sure it's her?

DA: Yes.

CG: It's just that she and Greg were always playing pranks --staging things.

DA: Staging what sort of things?

CG: They hung a dummy in the theatre hallway and made it look like a suicide. They even left a note.

DA: That was Vilson and Giblini?

CG: That’s what the kids were all saying.

DA: Vilson is dead. This is no prank ma'am.

CG: I know. I know.

DA: For the record, how did you know the victim?

CG: I was her theatre teacher. Her acting coach.

DA: Can you identify this?

CG: It looks like a .38 pistol.

DA: Does it look like your .38 pistol?

CG: Yes. Is it mine?

DA: That gun was found at the Valerie Vilson murder scene.

CG: Was she killed with it? Oh my God. Oh my God.

DA: She wasn't killed with it. How did your gun get in her apartment?

CG: I gave it to her to hold onto.

DA: Why did you give the gun to Ms. Wilson?

CG: She had been telling me about having some threatening incidents lately and needed a gun.

DA: What kind of incidents?

CG: She didn't say specifically.

DA: But you felt you needed to give her a gun.

CG: Well, she seemed very frightened. She wouldn't explain. I tried to get her to tell me. It was so unusual for her to confide in me. I just wanted to help. Oh my God.

DA: She was frightened and you gave her a gun.

CG: She just wanted it for a few weeks. Oh my God. Can we stop for a moment? I need to pee.

Interview resumes five minutes later.

DA: The gun was wrapped in a New York Times. Was the Times yours?

CG: I couldn't really say if it was mine or not. I mean, I get the New York Times. I left the gun at my house for her to pick up when I went to school, she could've picked up one of my papers to wrap the gun in before she took it.

DA: Do you get the Times delivered or do you pick it up at Square Books?

CG: I've been getting it free the last couple of weeks because I've had problems with delivery in the past.

DA: You get it delivered?

CG: Yes.

DA: Is there anyone you can think of that may have been a threat to Vilson and Giblini?

CG: No. No one comes to mind at all. Her friends were all theatre kids. They're peaceful mostly and no one in the theatre department ever gets violent unless it’s for a scene. Is there anything else?

DA: Not at the moment. Are you in a hurry?

CG: Your bathroom was filthy --I couldn't use it. Will you call me if I can do anything?

DA: Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry about the facilities.

End interview 8:45 a.m.

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