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Evidence: Inventory of Persons

Detective Armstrong, the lead investigator in the Vilson case kept evidence notes from the case. These notes illuminate several aspects of the investigation and at the same time offer a listing of persons of any interest to the investigation.

Agency Representative
Went with Valerie Vilson to visit Knight family in Mountain Home. Mentioned in Valeri's Diary.

Daniel Anderson
Yoknapatawa County Detective Investigating the Vilson/Giblini murders. Interviews with: Mary Haywood Joel Shenton Cindy Gold

Annie Aston
Theater cast member, University of Mississippi Mentioned in Valerie's diary. Worked on act of Marat/Sade for Cindy Gold's class.

Friends with: Valerie Vilson, Briana Bree, Joey Shenton, and Nick Nelson.

L.T.C. "Trick" Armstrong
Yoknapatawa County Detective Investigating the Vilson/Giblini murders. Appeared on IRC with Greg Giblini. Received a letter from Belinda C. regarding the Vilson murder.

Tom Ash
Graduate student of the University of Mississippi. National Guard member. Roommate of Valerie Vilson. Pen-pal to Caleb Fisher-Wirth. Has been a significant resource in this investigation. He put Crime Scene on the WWW. At the time of the murder Ash was on a training session with the National Guard.

A. Bennett
Choir member, Church of Christ the Avenger

W. Bennett
Choir member, Church of Christ the Avenger

Bernie Barnes
Owner, La Estrella Bar, Miami, Florida Boss of Tony Ward

S. Bingerson
Choir member, Church of Christ the Avenger

Appeared on IRC with Greg Giblini.

Jennifer Breedlove
Bartender, Proud Larry's Saw Valerie Vilson with red-headed man. She said he was drinking Black Voodoo beer. Received a postcard from Lisa Wood. Interviews with: America's Most Wanted

Friends with: Lisa Wood

Briana Bree
Theater cast member, University of Mississippi Sister of David. Previous roommate of Valerie Vilson. Mentioned in Valerie's diary. Was previously in Texas. Jazzed about Hamlet. Likes chocolate. Briana adopted a cat named Pig as a stray. She reportedly had difficulty training the cat and gave it to Valerie Vilson several days before her murder. Received a book from Valerie Vilson titled "Thy Name is Woman: Shakespeare and the Politics of Gender and Subversion." Currently living at home with her parents. Graduated - location is not known.

Friends with: Valerie Vilson Annie Aston, Joey Shenton, and Nick Nelson

David Bree
Brother of Briana. Attended party at Valerie Vilson's. Mentioned in Valerie's diary. Knew about Valerie's predicted demise with Greg. Alibi: None

Larry Brown
Local Writer Wrote play called "Dirty Work." Was present opening night. Mentioned in Valerie's diary.
Suspect: Never interviewed for additional information.

Belinda Cantrell.
Wrote letter to Detective Armstrong.

Caddy Cane
Went to camp with Purity Knight. Friends with: Purity Knight

Appeared on IRC with Greg Giblini.

Appeared on IRC with Greg Giblini.

Jason Dittmer
Detective, New Orleans P.D. Interviews with: Lisa Wood

Agnes Dobson
Choir member, Church of Christ the Avenger

D. Douglas
Reverend, Church of Christ the Avenger

Therese Earley
Yoknapatawa County Detective Provided Crime Scene with Vilson/Ash apartment floor plans and investigation blue book.

Caleb Fisher-Wirth
Exchange student in Switzerland Young friend and pen-pal of Tom Ash. Parents are on sabatical in Switzerland. Sent Tom Ash a letter which was found at the Vilson/Ash apartment.

Mr. Giblini
Engineer, Nuclear Regulatory Commission Father of Greg, Tom and William Giblini.

Mrs. Giblini
Mother of Greg, Tom, and William Giblini. High School Teacher of Computer Science.

Greg Giblini
Production Assistant Born: May 1, 1975 - Nashville, Tennessee Weight: 160 Height: 5'8" Hair: Red Was left-handed. Did not wear a watch or rings. Was not known to legally own a weapon. DNA profiles were possible because he was a sperm donor. Owns 1991 blue Mustang with Tennessee plates 247 NWS.

Brother of William and Tom Giblini. Youngest; puts up with a lot of shit. Shared a lemonade stand with brother William once. (18 years difference?) Will not be beholden to William Giblini. William Giblini suggests Greg was a special case; he has a mind of his own. He wanted the same things as William, but was in the shadows. Greg's family problems began when he wrecked the family car while under the influence of alcohol. His teenage drinking and his anti-social behavior made him intolerable to his family. He was an avid squirrel hunter; acquired hunting skills during childhood in Tennessee.

Attended University of Mississippi. Studied theater. Performances: "A Few Good Men"

Met Valerie Vilson during 1993-1994. Gave Valerie Vilson a Macintosh Quadra 630 computer. Valerie and Greg were monogamous. Quavers and bristles at the subject of Joey Shenton. Suspicious of Joey Shenton. Mentioned in Valerie's diary.

Has limited funds and seems likely that he worked for cash while in the south. Worked as a production assistant for film crews passing through Nashville, Tennessee. Made short films as a hobby and wanted to make a lot of tapes, not just with Briana. Made tapes of Nashville, Tennessee.

In the surveillance video, Greg covers his face either because of the camera or because of another person in the store. According to the clerk, she thinks he forgot his change, causing him to return to the register. The man behind Giblini is not identifiable.

Wrote a letter to his mother with frequent use of "storm" metaphor. The letter was postmarked May 15, 1995. Quoted a song from a New Jersey band called Ween. There is little to suggest drug dealing but the squealing line is fascinating.

Greg Giblini and Vaskin Kissoyan were in Vaskin's 1987 silver Nissan pickup truck with Tennessee plates TGA 160. Giblini was driving. The two had little luggage in the vehicle, making them fit several suspicious profiles. It seems likely Giblini is taking the route he and Valerie Vilson planned. The pair planned to live in San Francisco. Greg Giblini's car was totaled and found abondoned in Arizona.

Greg is thought to be in the San Francisco area. Interestingly, Lisa Wood is also known to be in that area. Greg Giblini barely knew Lisa Wood. All that knew Greg Giblini and Lisa Wood were certain they could not be romantically linked. Greg Giblini did not associate with the victim's friends. Giblini's run from the law may end on Christmas, as he announced in the chat session. FBI announces Greg Giblini is wanted in (3) states: Mississippi, Florida, Arizona, and now California.

Greg Giblini was found murdered March 1996. He was shot with a .22 caliber handgun. The angle of entry of the gunshot wound that caused Greg Giblini's death rules out suicide. He was shot from behind. The victim died from massive internal bleeding caused by a severed aorta. The blood prints are from his struggle to stand and possibly to fight his attacker. The attacker may have followed Greg into the bathroom from another location in the apartment. The blood stains on the shower stall door were caused by the spray resulting from the victim's being shot at close range. We think the dragging prints are an attempt to write.

Greg Giblini's neighbors said that they heard Giblini arguing with a male and called the police. The neighbors said they had heard the person arguing many times before. Their description was too vague for an arrest, but the short visits (late at night and early morning) fit a drug dealers profile and was more than likely the individual who killed him. No suspect has been identified.

Knew about Valerie's predicted demise with Greg. Purchased and linked to condoms the day of Valerie Vilson's murder. Last person to be seen with Valerie Vilson. He was unavailable after the murder to test for powder burns. He cleaned out his ATM accounts within a week of Vilson's murder. Giblini had about $8,000 when he disappeared. Admits that he shot scar face. The FBI is currently investigating possible drug connections; their activities remain classified. The FBI has been involved in several aspects of this case, but has requested that the details of their activities remain undisclosed. Alibi: Denied mutilating Valerie Vilson's body. Believes his brother (Santa...) killed Valerie Vilson because of jealousy. Said his brother sent him photos.

Greg Giblini never met Valerie's "birth" parents or Purity. No one, other than Giblini, is a match for the psychological profile. Greg Giblini was a minor, not yet 21 years old, prior to the murder. DIDN'T Jennifer Breedlove check his I.D. prior to serving him drinks at Proud Larry's? WHEN did Jennifer Breedlove start working there. Breedlove did not check Giblini's ID. She started working at the bar in January of 1995.

Friends with: Valerie Vilson, Ted Tillis, Louise Lean, Vaskin Kissoyan

Jennifer (Morris) Giblini
Documentation Specialist, Rosebud Wife of William Giblini. She and William sent Valerie a card. She worked for Rosebud on a freelance basis, but severed her affiliation with Rosebud after William's death. Active in the local community theater. Mentioned in Valerie's diary. She has not been questioned. Jennifer Giblini was the beneficiary in William Giblini's insurance policy. She was caring for her ill mother at the time of Valerie Vilson's murder.

Tom Giblini
Owner, Rosebud Brother of Greg and William Giblini. Runs small electronics firm called Rosebud in California with brother William. Created several working prototypes for high-definition television. Mentioned in Valerie's diary. Has extensive gun collection.

Tom Giblini is now a majority owner in Rosebud, he was also the beneficiary in one of two life insurance policies. None of the family members are willing to discuss Tom Giblini and his relationships with his siblinigs. There appears to be some tension. Tom Giblini has asked that he not be identified in this file. He and his family have declined to participate in the on-line investigation. Alibi: Tom Giblini was at his home in California. This fact was corroborated by numerous persons. Tom Giblini was at a meeting, attended by several hundred persons.

William Giblini
Owner, Rosebud Born: 1957 - Nashville, Tennessee (Was he 35 or 38?) Weight: 175 Height: 5'11" Hair: Black, red-tinted beard. Blood Type: O+ Excelled in science and math. Wanted the same things as Greg, but is in the everyday world. William has extensive gun collection. Was not known to legally own a weapon. Was an experienced computer user. He often showed off his original Apple computer with it's wooden case. He wore a watch. He had no scars.

Attended University of Mississippi. Studied Electrical Engineering. There are some reports of William Giblini's drug use from his college years. Graduated in 1978. Married high school sweetheart Jennifer Morris in 1978. Moved to Santa Rosa, California in 1979.

William and Jennifer performed in local community theater. According to sources at the Main Street Theater, where he performed, William Giblini was a masterful amateur make-up artist. Performed in: "Wait Until Dark"

William and Jennifer sent Valerie a card. William never met Valerie Vilson. Mentioned in Valerie's diary.

William Giblini ran a small and profitable electronics manufacturing firm called Rosebud in California with brother Tom. Rosebud produced automated heating and watering systems for vineyards. Eventually expanded operations to include component manufacturing for computer displays. There are some products manufactured by Rosebud Electronics that bear the Tornado insignia. William was engrossed with high-definition television (HDTV). Advanced his own universal standard for high-definition display and broadcast systems. Created several working prototypes for HDTV. There is little known about this technology that is available to us. HDTV is in extreme infancy. However, its financial value sets William Giblini up a millionaire. Was on extended leave. The company has no East Coast offices or affiliates. Any comments regarding rumors about financial "irregularities" (insider trading or embezzlement ) with Rosebud stock should make their own judgements in this matter. All investigative material concerning Rosebud has been made public. There is nothing to indicate his involvement in drug trade. Feberal authorities are investigating possible drug connections. Their activities are classified.

Separated from his wife.

A photograph of William in costume from "Wait Until Dark," a play William was in shortly before Valerie Vilson's murder, was found on the refrigerator of Valerie Vilson.

William left for vacation on March 25 but told his wife on the phone of his vacation plans on July 1, 1995. He didn't visit his mother.

Tony Ward said he saw William speak with an old man in yellow with a cane. He saw William twice after that before he died. Tony said William drank a lot of gin.

William Giblini was found murdered. He was beaten with a flash light, found next to him, before being placed in the tub. The light is dim, but still burning after about four hours. Later, Greg Giblini was seen entering and exiting his brother's motel room. According to the coroner, the time of William Giblini's death coincides with Greg Giblini's visit. No traces of marijuana or cocaine were found in his blood. William Giblini did have theater make-up in his luggage. This is not entirely unusual because he was an amateur actor. No watch repairs were reported locally.

Cindy Gold
Theater Class Teacher Valerie's teacher. Valerie told her about having some threatening incidents lately. Loaned Valerie Vilson .38 caliber handgun. Gets New York Times Delivered. Mentioned in Valerie's diary. Working on act of Marat/Sade. Gold has a reputation for being a soft touch. Students constantly go to her with money or family problems. She really seemed to be acting altruistically. She just wanted to help.

Friends with: Valerie Vilson

Robert K. Gordon
President, Northview Data Recovery Overviewed Valerie Vilson's hard drive restoration

Dr. Joanne Graham
Criminal Psychologist Provided suspect description for detectives

John Grisham
Local Writer Valerie Vilson baby-sat his children. First donor of $50,000 to Downtown Business Foundation scholarship fund.

Friends with: Valerie Vilson

Doug Haines
Middle School Teacher Knew Valerie Vilson through Oxford School System

Mrs. Mary Haywood
Secretary/Treasurer, Church of Christ the Avenger Resident Mountain Home, Arkansas. Confirms Frank Knight at board meeting (not Judith's). Confirms Frank, Judith and Purity at rehearsal. Cannot confirm Jake Rohleen's whereabouts. Said rehearsal ended at 10:30pm or 11:00pm

R. Haywood
Chairman, Church of Christ the Avenger

Fred Quimby mentions that she shot her first buck last week.

Appeared on IRC

Lt. Johnson
County Drug Task Force Told Armstrong about 500 pounds of marijuana from Chicago

Dr. J. Johnson
Coroner Reported on Valerie Vilson's cause of death

R. Jones
Choir member, Church of Christ the Avenger

Dr. Kaiser
Psychiatrist, INTERlock Document Laboratory Interpreted Greg Giblini's handwriting in the letter to his mother. Suggested that Greg will act on the aggression seen in the letter.

Mrs. Kelsey
4th Grade Teacher

Vaskin Kissoyan (a.k.a Spider)
Born: Armenia Vaskin Kissoyan is known among computer hackers for his computer and telco knowledge. He began his computer hobby by mastering the art of phone phreaking. This talent, getting illegal access to free telephone service, earned him respect among computer circles. He has a history of computer crime: (2) incidents of criminal trespass involving computers on the Internet.

The link between Kissoyan and the Crime Scene site is peculiar. The site was disabled when it made "Cool Site of the Day." Kissoyan offered space in his account. His offer was a surprise. He had no apparent relation to the case.

Kissoyan contacted Greg Giblini and offered to help. Giblini and Kissoyan were stopped in Arizona by Highway Patrol. Greg Giblini and Vaskin Kissoyan were in Vaskin's 1987 silver Nissan pickup truck with Tennessee plates TGA 160. Giblini was driving. Greg Giblini and Vaskin Kissoyan had little luggage in the vehicle, making them fit several suspicious profiles.

Kissoyan was briefly arrested following the bungled Giblini surrender. This recent development is puzzling to Ash and is upset about the recent development. Vaskin has safely returned and is presently living in Memphis. Vaskin is moving back to Armenia.

Kissoyan cooperated with authorities. He set up IRC accounts for Detective Armstrong. His motive was unknown and there is nothing to suggest a previous relationship with Giblini. Kissoyan is an unlikely ally for Greg Giblini.

Friends with: Greg Giblini

Frank Kennedy Knight
Deputy District Attorney Baxter County Attorney-at-law. Chair, Political Action Committee, Church of Christ the Avenger. Former President, Mountain Home PTA. Member, Mountain Home School Board. Choir member, Church of Christ the Avenger.

Husband of Judith Knight. Birth-Father of Valerie Vilson. Father of Purity Knight. Beats Purity Knight with a belt. Hates blacks, Jews, the president. Living in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Mentioned in Valerie's diary. Wanted Valerie to go to church. Knew about Purity's abortion through Jake Rohleen.

Suspect: Likely to have sent mail to Valerie Vilson. Alibi: Mary Haywood confirms Frank Knight at board meeting. Confirms Frank, Judith and Purity at rehearsal.

Judith (Veeder) Knight (a.k.a Judith Felton) Born: St. Louis, Missouri Was a nurse. Wore big squared-off glasses. Volunteers for the SPCA. Needlwork has won prizes at Arkansas State fair. Member of Church of Christ the Avenger. Member of Soroptimist's Club.

Wife of Frank Knight. Birth-Mother of Valerie Vilson. Mother of Purity Knight. Living in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Had no recollection of Greg Giblini and is unlikely they had a relationship. Mentioned in Valerie's diary

Suspect: Mrs. Knight used an alias when writing to Valerie. Likely to have sent mail to Valerie Vilson. Alibi: Mary Haywood confirms Frank, Judith and Purity at rehearsal.

Purity Marie Knight Her father calls her "Missy." Choir member, Church of Christ the Avenger. Wants to attend Berkeley. Daughter of Frank and Judith Knight. Birth-Sister of Valerie Vilson. Girlfirend of Jake Rohleen. Living in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Mentioned in Valerie's diary.

We don't know why she had the ultrasound. The ultrasound shows her pregnancyis to be within seven weeks of development. The abortion was performed less than two weeks later. It was not paid for by insurance. The clinic records show a cash transaction. Purity stole money from her boyfriend, Jake Rohleen, to fund the procedure. When Jake discovered the missing funds, he contacted Frank Knight.

She was no longer a member of the church at the time of the murder. Purity Knight is registered for classes at the University of Mississippi.

Purity Knight is currently missing and we are on the lookout for her. We expect her to come the by station for an interview. She is in contact with her parents and recently set up an e-mail account her. E-mail address: [email protected]

Mary Haywood confirms Frank, Judith and Purity at rehearsal. Purity Knight was attending classes at Reed College in Oregon when Giblini was killed, although we have not been able to determine whether she had an alibi for that date.

Friends with: Jake Rohleen Valerie Vilson Caddy

Christen Kushland
Student 10-year old student of Valerie Vilson

Bob Lantana
Employee, Marquis Spoke with Mike Nichol regarding condoms

Louise Lean
Supervisor of Greg Giblini Mentioned in Valerie's diary

Scott McCoy
Theater Professor, University of Mississippi Greg Giblini's Theater Professor

Christine Meyers
Resident, Santa Rosa, California Neighbor of Greg Giblini.

Missing Panola Man
The newspaper page contained an article about a "repairman" who was found dead and was last seen the evening before the murder. There is no connection to the Vilson murder. We have our share of murder here - probably why local writer John Grisham does so well here.

Randolph Mix
Head Therapist at Ferndale, a therapeutic retreat in northern California. A tabloid falsely reported that Vilson was there and not dead.

Appeared on IRC

Appeared on IRC. Typed in capital letters.

Joshua Moore
Mojave County Police Officer Stopped Greg Giblini and Vaskin Kissoyan in Arizona

Mel Moser
Resident, Northern California Sighted Valerie Vilson in Ferndale, a therapeutic retreat

Appeared on IRC

Steve Muller
Eagle News Editor Wrote Oxford Eagle story on Valerie Vilson

Mike Nicho
Wrote letter regarding condoms to Detective Anderson

Nick Nelson
Mentioned in Valerie's diary. Knew about Valerie's predicted demise with Greg

Old man with bright red umbrella
Warned Valerie about the coming of a storm.

Old man in yellow with a cane
Sold Ramondo a chicken-claw necklace. Tony Ward thinks he is a voodoo priest. Seen with William Giblini prior to his death

Cat Briana adopted the cat as a stray. She reportedly had difficulty training the cat and gave it to Valerie Vilson several days before her murder The cat was approximately 18 months old when Valerie was murdered. She was found wearing a blue nylon collar. A litter box and a box of Chunky Tender Vittles cat food were also in the apartment.

Blood appeared near the cat's mouth, suggesting that the cat bit the suspect or from a wound on the suspect. The blood does not appear to have been smeared on deliberately. The cat hair provided blood/DNA samples to investigators which matched that of William Giblini.

No persons with a history of animal torture are in the area. No persons showed evidence of animal bites.

Steven Pizzo
Senior Reporter, Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Fred Quimby
Office of Statewide Prosecution Asked Detective Armstrong to shut down Crime Scene site

Ramondo Rodriguez
Driver Delivers beer to La Estrella. Purchased chicken-claw necklace from old man with cane

C. Rappert
Choir member, Church of Christ the Avenger

Jed Red
Judge Mentioned in Fred Quimby's letter to Detective Armstrong

Rickard Rogers
Play Director Mentioned in Valerie's diary

Jake Rohleen
Brute ape boyfriend of Purity Knight. Jake wants wife like Judith Knight. Raped Purity. Mentioned in Valerie's diary. Purity stole money from Jake to fund the abortion. When Jake discovered the missing funds, he contacted Frank Knight. Several friends saw him at a party on the night of the murder.

Rooth Rippel
Professor, University of Mississippi Lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Valerie visited Rooth on her vacation. Mentioned in Valerie's diary. Friends: Valerie Vilson

Joe Russo
Producer, America's Most Wanted

Mrs. Beth Shenton
Orthodontist Wife of Murphy Shenton. Mother of Joel Shenton. Living in Ventura, California

Elise Shenton
Associate Editor, Chic Magazine Sister of Joel Shenton. Living in New York, New York. Age 28.

Joel Murphy Shenton
Theater cast member, University of Mississippi Weight: 196 Height: 5'11" Excelled in English and drama. Entered University of Mississippi Fall 1993. Member of the fencing club (foil, epee, or saber?) Knows what the 'Net is, used it for research in the school lab. Plans to move to New York for acting opportunities. Worked night-shift at JD William's Library. Working on act of Marat/Sade for Cindy Gold's class. Joel does not smoke cigarettes. Student productions: "Hamlet" "Dr. Faustus" "Dirty Work." "Blythe Spirit" "Lips Together, Teeth Apart" "Pinafore" "Anything Goes"

Knew Valerie Vilson for a year-and-a-half, two years and wanted to be involved with her. Met Greg Giblini once or twice (said no one really knew him). Said Valerie would disappear with Greg for days at a time. Did not know Purity Knight. Printed up a flyer for a play with Valerie. Mentioned in Valerie's diary. Joel Connor is a typo.

Friends with: Valerie Vilson, Annie Aston, and Briana Bree

Mr. Murphy Shenton
Screenwriter and former actor Husband of Beth Shenton. Father of Joel Shenton. Writing credits include: "Two's a Crowd" "Rooth Varland, P.I."

Dr. James Sholleburger
Head of the Theater Department, University of Mississippi Knew Valerie Vilson

Dr. J.S. Smith

M. Smith
Choir member, Church of Christ the Avenger

Appeared on IRC

Marcus Stafford
Investigator, Miami Sheriff's Department

Yoknapatawa Detectives are logically assuming that the killer and the mutilation to be one in the same with no evidence to support otherwise. The first theory on the mutilations still holds. That could only be the work of a psychopath. This instability theory is reinforced by the purposeful posing of the body.

A description of the suspect was written by noted Criminal Psychologist, Dr. Joanne Graham. She states that any time a killer poses his victim, there is cause for alarm. This is an indication of a failure in the rational thought process. She describes the killer as, "A male between 18 and 35 years old. Probably educated. Either works with computers or has them as a hobby. Probably known as a loner. Grew up around dominating women. Driven by fantasies. Has always fantasized about killing in this manner. Though he is a loner, he appears social and likable to others. He has a dark side to his personality. Possibly known as a compulsive liar. Feels no empathy for others and feels no remorse...Will probably kill again, as he acts on impulse."

If the suspect is alleged to have brought the 1/4 inch diameter weapon with him and not taken it from the apartment, then we must assume this murder was premeditated.

John H. Taubman
Judge of the Superior Court Signed search warrant for County of Baxter

Ted Tillis
Mentioned in Valerie's diary. Computer and Telco knowledge. Ted was an acquaintance of the Valerie Vilson; apparently knew her through Greg Giblini. Friends with: Valerie Vilson Greg Giblini

Spirit from Ouija Board Mentioned in Valerie's diary. Died in 1862; he was 31. Spelled out warning: VAL - LOOK OUT STORM.

L. Thompson
Boardmember, Church of Christ the Avenger Reported on upcoming Easter activities. Choir member, Church of Christ the Avenger.

Timmy Tirin
Student 10-year old student of Valerie Vilson

R. Tuller
Choir member, Church of Christ the Avenger

Retained blood-stained cat hair samples for detectives

Tony Ward
Bartender, La Estrella
Miami, Florida Sent letter to Detective Armstrong. Saw William Giblini with old man in yellow with a cane. Said William was tired of running. Said William would usually stay until closing (3:00am), then leave. William Giblini asked Tony, "Do you believe in angels?"

Liz White
Valerie's neighbor. Saw Valerie Vilson with red-headed man at Proud Larry's bar the night of the murder. Reported hearing Valerie Vilson yelling the night of the murder.

Bill & Marlene Vilson
Adoptive-Parent's of Valerie Vilson. Living in St. Louis, Missouri. Mentioned in Valerie's diary. Her family does not wish to divulge personal information.

Valerie Lynn Vilson
Victim Daughter of Frank and Judith Knight; adopted by Bill and Marlene Vilson. Sister of Purity Knight. Valerie and Purity were not identical twins.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri and received B.A. in Acting - Webster College. Moved to Oxford, Mississippi in 1991and attended the University of Mississippi as a graduate student. . Was going to accept an internship job at a theater in Jackson, MS. The intern program was discontinued due to internal political turmoil at the theater. In short, the victim's connection at the theater was fired. She was headed to a professional theatre to receive her Equity union card. Performed in: "The Blythe Spirit" "Dirty Work" "Lips Together, Teeth Apart" "Reckless" "The Seagull" "The Water Engine"

Earning a stipend while attending graduate school. Created dramatic outreach programs for grades K-9. Was working on an act of Marat/Sade for Cynthia Gold's class with Joel Shenton, Annie, and Briana. Had just moved into the apartment building with Tom Ash. Valerie Vilson borrowed a .38 caliber handgun from Cindy Gold, an instructor at school. Valerie had no enemies.

Had prescriptions for Prozac and birth control pills. The prescription for Prozac was from an MD working in the campus infirmary. She had recently complained of anxiousness and an inability to sleep. Her prescription notes list anxiety, sleeplessness and stress-related symptoms. She had little follow-up support for the prescription. Prozac typically takes 4-6 weeks before it's effects are felt.

Joel Shenton attested that the victim was known to smoke marijuana.Valerie smoked Marlboros; she did not smoke cigarettes. No cigarettes were found at the crime scene. Her diary suggested she was conscious about her weight. She liked chocolate. She was a novice computer user whose needs were related to her thesis. She didn't like Greg messing with scraps of code. Valerie was apparently familiar with Greg Giblini's work, but no evidence exists that she was involved in programming. Greg Giblini may have meant poems. Valerie seemed fairly computer illiterate.

Valerie and Greg were monogamous and she was not bi-sexual. The couple was very involved in safe sex education and AIDS awareness. Greg probably knew she was using birth control pills. There are no recorded complaints of domestic abuse. By all accounts, the relationship between Giblini and the victim was placid. She wasn't happy with Greg being in Nashville. She suspects that Greg was involved with Louise. She couldn't handle the thought of Purity and Greg together. She had never met William Giblini.

Valerie and Greg were planning an extended vacation together following her graduation in May. The trip was a graduation gift and her parents were not aware that Giblini was to accompany her. Vilson's parents told investigators that Vilson and Giblini planned to go to the Grand Canyon, Oklahoma City, Crater Lake and all the big holes in the ground they could find. The itinerary has not been found. It seems likely Giblini is taking the route he and Vilson planned. The pair planned to live in San Francisco.

Valerie was shot at close range while in her bed. The small caliber bullet left only a small entry wound and she bleed internally. We can determine only that she was lying on the bed with her head on the pillow. Her state of consciousness when the fatal bullet was delivered will never be known.

Valerie was bathed. Skin, hair and blood were retireved from the drain.

Valerie was taken into the kitchen and stabbed 27+ times in the abdomin The victim's body showed no scratches, bruises, or other signs of struggle. Detectives first impression was that she was stabbed with an ice pick. Further investigation indicates that the suspect may have used a special lighting screwdriver, from his work in film production. There was no dismembering.

Val was then dressed in freshly laundered men's pajamas. The pajamas were one of the few items that bore no traces of the suspected killer, Greg Giblini. She was not wearing a bra. She was not wearing a watch.

The Oxford Police Department received a call about the incident at 10:30 a.m. The victim's body was cold when investigators arrived. According to the coroner's report, time of death was approximately 6 a.m. No comment can be made regarding the victim's face, however, she was positively identified. This detail will help positively identify the killer.

Liz White, a neighbor, reported hearing the victim yelling. It is unclear whether the victim was alone when she was murdered. The door was found unlocked. The windows were locked. There were no signs of struggle.

Tests showed no evidence of Valerie Vilson being pregnant or having an ectoptic pregnancy. No toxins were found in any of Valerie Vilson's tissue samples.

For whatever reason, William Giblini visited Valerie Vilson. This is known by the presence of his DNA at the scene. No one knows why she was killed in bed, bathed, dragged to the kitchen, mutilated, and dressed. Our profiler believes the Vilson crime scene was the act of a psychotic. As to why the body was clothed, some have suggested that the act may have been part of a ritual. The blood on the refrigerator was positively identified as belonging to the victim, Valerie Vilson. This blood was manually and intentionally delivered to the refrigerator via splashing with an unknown instrument. We expect the killer flicked her blood upon it. The bloody refrigerator was visible through the kitchen window. The blood on the kitchen floor drained from the abdomen and pooled. There were several bloody areas that seem intentionally smeared, as if to hide a print. No known witness to the crime exists.

Friends: Greg Giblini, Ted Annie Aston, Briana Bree, Joey Shenton, Cindy Gold, Puirty Knight, John Grisham, Rooth

Appeared on IRC

Mrs. Glen Wood
Mother of Lisa Wood. Suggested that Lisa never really knew Valerie

Lisa Michelle Wood
From Texas. Was Catholic, although Baptists are prevelant in their area. Attended University of Mississippi. Saw Valerie Vilson and a man fitting Greg Giblini's description the night of Valeri's murder. Said he was quite a bit taller than her 5'7" and good looking. All that knew Greg Giblini and Lisa Wood were certain they could not be romantically linked.

Lisa Wood is still at her address in New Orleans. She has given no indication of when or where she intends to move. Her location is monitored weekly. She raised a legal challenge to the chat's publication. That hurdle will be cleared soon.

Lisa Wood graduated and left the state.

Worked as an actress at the Annex Theater in Seattle, Washington. Performed in: "The History of Accidental Death"

Sent Jennifer Breedlove a postcard from San Francisco.

Lisa Wood's mother has reported a marked change in her daughter's behavior. She has cut ties with most of her family and dropped out of the church. According to Mrs. Wood, "For the past year I've watched Lisa drift away from everything she knows. Now she's drifted completely away." Undergoing counseling for an undisclosed problem.

Lisa Wood is an angry young woman. She does not fit the profile of the killer and cannot be placed at the crime. It is common for witnesses to be reluctant and even evasive. Most important, bartenders the night of Vilson's murder, are certain that Lisa Wood was highly intoxicated when the bar closed. She had been there since 6:00pm.

Friends with:Valerie Vilson and Jennifer Breedlove


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