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Evidence: Detective Evidence Memo

Detective Armstrong, the lead investigator in the Vilson case kept evidence notes from the case. These notes illuminate several aspects of the investigation and at the same time offer an inventory of items taken into evidence at the scene.

Vilson/Ash Apartment

  • The entire apartment was searched and nothing was found to be stolen. We have not recovered the card sent by William and Jennifer Giblini. We did, however, find numerous poems written to Giblini. The house was locked with a simple doorknob passage lock. No evidence of forced entry. Neither the .22 caliber handgun nor the object used to mutilate Valerie Vilson has been recovered.

Possible objects that could have caused 1/4" x 5" puncture wounds:

  • Ice pick - possible
  • Awl - possible
  • Screwdriver - possible
  • Paintbrushes - most paintbrushes are too blunt
  • Fencing rapier (saber, epee, foil) - to prevent injuries to fencers, competition-style have rounded rubber tips rather than pointed ends.

Also, the blade is either diamond-shaped, Y-shaped, or trianglular-shaped.


  • The body of Valerie Vilson. Shot (while in bed) in back of the head with .22 caliber pistol. She was almost certainly lying on her right side when she was murdered. Her assailant wedged the muzzle of the gun between the victim's head and the pillow, possibly to muffle the sound of the shot. Bathed and moved to kitchen. Stabbed 27+ times in the abdomen then clothed. Tearing and puncturing inconsistent with a knife (1/4 diameter). Fingerprints taken from the victim's corpse are a positive match with Valerie Vilson's. Autopsy reports traces of alcohol and marijuana.We don't understand why these things happened. She was naked when killed. The clothing was added after she was mutilated in the kitchen. The puncture wounds were not as deep as the bloody refrigerator suggests. That bloody refrigerator was intentionally spattered with blood collected from the body. The blood was intentionally spattered. This accounts for the spread. Although the window leading into the kitchen had been broken for some time, this avenue did not appear to be used as an entrance point. The killer likely entered and exited through the door.
  • A photograph of William Giblini in costume from "Wait Until Dark," a play William was in shortly before Valerie Vilson's murder, was found on the refrigerator.

Cat named Pig

  • Had blood near it's mouth from wither biting the killer or a wound from the killer. Hair revealed blood sample.
  • Unopened envelope addressed to Tom Ash
  • The letter was from Caleb Fisher-Wirth, a young friend and pen-pal from Switzerland. Without permission from the sender, it would be inappropriate to post the contents.
  • Broken window

Living Room

  • Books
    Several books on stage make-up and clowning and a playbill for a student production of Hamlet.
  • Macintosh Quadra 630 Computer
    The computer was a Christmas present from her parents in 1994. Valerie mentions receiving the computer from Greg Giblini. The computer was disassembled and disabled. No fingerprints on the interior were found. Nothing was missing from the computer. However, the lack ofcomputer disks was strange. It is probable that the assailant took the disks. No motive exists yet. The Macintosh Quadra line has SSCI drives, however the drive in this Quadra 630 was a Seagate ST3660A 454 MB IDE HDD. Unusual scorch marks were found on the power and data connectors. The hard drive was given a jolt of electricity or magnetism; a powerful electrical current rendered it useless and the data was magnetically wiped away. The electric meter shows a huge drain the morning of the murder, however, we have not yet been able to determine the exact time of the surge. Whoever erased the hard drive wanted to ruin the computer storage system. Data recovery efforts are underway.
  • Caller ID
    The caller ID logs were also stored on the victim's computer. So far they have not been recovered
  • Modem
    The modem was apparently unused. Phone records showed no calls to services such as AOL or campus computer services
  • Color printer
  • (2) electronic piano-style keyboards
  • Answering Machine
    Answering machine message tape contained message from Joel Shenton. The phone message was from the day before the murder. This may imply that she didn't feel "comfortable" enough to listen to her messages with whoever she was with.
  • Video Cassettes
    There were several video cassettes found near the VCR. One was Valerie Vilson's audition for a new stage in Jackson, Mississipi. One was a student-directed television commercial for ReNEWal Center. The rest were short violent films with names like "Rice Eaters" and "Butt Cheeks." The videos are objectionable and pointless; they will not be sampled here. We are presently banned by SurfWatch. These videos might get us kicked off our server.
  • Purse
    The military style purse was on the floor near the main entry door to the apartment, where presumably the victim left it last. The numbers on the purse are a Swiss military marking. It is an army surplus bag. The purse and all goods were accounted for. Within the purse were: an address book, birth control pills (6 pills missing), a recent prescription for Prozac, (4) matchbooks from local Oxford bars (City Grocery, Proud Larry's), pencils, pens, and make-up The prescription was filled March 2, 1995. The packet in her purse was the second of three she was given. A women must take the pills for an entire month before they become effective. That would explain why the condoms were needed.
  • .38 Caliber Handgun
    The gun was found in the living room. It was hidden under a couch and was wrapped in a New York Times newspaper. It is registered to Cindy Gold.


  • Vodka, marijuana and a bong
    The bong was the "house" bong. No one claimed ownership, it came with the apartment. Origin of the dusty-purple marijuana was from Chicago. I checked with the feds and got this information, "Reddish, or red-dusty MJ (street names: Torreon Violet; Oaxaca Red) is consistent with MJ originating in Mexico and which enter the southwestern United States through entry points along the Texas and Arizona border. Recent traffic in the MJ you describe consistent with reports of shipments in the Starr, Co TX area. Possible destination following transshipment is the Chicago, IL area. (Chicago is the second-largest Spanish-speaking city in the world after Mexico City, asd is a major transportation hub to the nation.) For additional information, suggest you contact D.E.A at El Paso (TX) Intelligence Center...."
  • Trojan Condoms Lot #: 27738002
    This was a 3-pack, 1 was missing. They were shipped to Marquis Industries in Seattle, Washington. The condoms were traced to Greg Giblini via their serial numbers and video footage from the store in which they were purchased. No used condoms were found on the scene.The fact that a torn condom wrapper was found on the floor does not mean that a sex act took place. It might just mean that Valerie was a lousy housekeeper. There is no physical evidence to indicate sexual activity that evening. The torn condom wrapper may be the result of using a condom for storage.
  • Pillow
    Had blood and tissue from Valerie Vilson
  • Overalls
    Joel Shenton mentioned these on the message machine. They were on the floor of Valerie's closet.


  • Blood, tissue and hair of Valerie Vilson Valerie was bathed after she was shot. Investigators found blood, tissue and hair from the victim. Greg Giblini's hair was also found.

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