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Evidence: Detectives' Supplemental Report

Taylor Sheldon, Sheriff
Oxford, MS 38655

TO: YCSD Case File # 001294-23E-2004
FROM: Detective S. Murphy, Detective T. Armstrong
DATE: May 24, 2004
RE: Supplemental Report

At 12:20 PM on Monday, May 24, 2004, Reporting Investigators (R/Is) were summoned to the Yoknapatawpha County Coroner's Office by Dr. Manish Agarwal in reference to YCSD Case # 001294-23E-2004 (Coroner's Case # 2004-277). Upon R/Is' arrival at the Coroner's Office, Dr. Agarwal reported that, during autopsy, a second ligature mark had been found on the lower neck of the deceased, Kristal Waterson.  Further, the second ligature mark had been identified as the cause of death and the Coroner's official finding of the manner of death was homicide.

Upon receipt of the above information from Dr. Agarwal, R/Is contacted Dispatch and requested CSU be dispatched to meet R/Is at the crime scene to conduct a more thorough analysis of the scene, as the case status had been changed from suicide to homicide. R/Is then proceeded to the crime scene at 588 Hathorn Road, Apartment 232.

R/Is first visit to the residence was on Sunday, May 23, 2004, when the victim's body had been discovered as an apparent suicide victim.  At that time, as at the time of the second visit, no signs of forced entry to the residence were observed and no signs of struggle were noted within the residence. The immediate crime scene, namely the victim's bedroom, bathroom and closet, had been sealed since YCSD personnel left the location on May 23, 2004. Upon R/Is arrival on May 24, 2004, there were no signs the seal had been broken.

Pursuant to the homicide investigation, R/Is conducted a search of the crime scene (see Evidence Inventory). R/Is also initiated a canvass of the victim's neighbors and interviewed the victim's roommate, Michelle Prescott, and the manager of the apartment complex, Donald "Dewey" Devoe.

Investigation of YCSD Case # 001294-23E-2004 is active and ongoing as of this date.

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