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Witness Interview: Ed Pierce

Interview with Ed Pierce, Lee Perez's boyfriend.

Q: State your full name and birth date for the record.
A: Edward Arthur Pierce. October 17, 1972

Q: What is your relationship to Purity Knight.
A: There is no relationship. She was my girlfriend's roommate.

Q: Ms. Perez mentioned that you and Ms. Knight were friends.
A: No

Q: Did you stay up late together, listening to music?
A: Sometimes I would go straight to bed with Lee. Usually I was wired from work. I would go watch TV in the same room as Purity.

Q: What do you do?
A: I work in the campus computer lab.

Q: Do you live with Ms. Perez?
A: No. but I stay there a lot cause I live out a little ways.

Q: Were you ever there when they received the prank phone calls?
A: I don't think so. I was hardly ever there before 11. I guess I didn't really believe Lee about the caller. Purity never talked about it.

Q: What did you and Purity watch on television?
A: Whatever, Picket Fences, Star Trek, the news, anything that was on. She didn't exactly watch tv--more like she just stared at it but it didn't compute. Sometimes she'd be watching the 700 Club, like I said, she didn't seem to be paying attention most of the time.

Q: Did you ever have conversations?
A: Not really. She's very quiet. Sometimes I would make fun of the tv and she laughed. A few times she joined in. Once when some prayer network was on I touched her forehead and said "You are healed" She rolled around on the floor whispering "heal me" over and over again. It was pretty funny. Guess you had to be there.

Q: Any other conversations?
A: Well, sometimes she would sorta talk to the tv, just drone on. I got the feeling she did this whether I was there or not.

Q: What else did you and Ms. Knight do together?
A: We didn't do anything together. Sometimes we just happened to be in the same room together doing the same thing.

Q: What "same things"?
A: Whatever. Tv, listening to music, studying, whatever

Q: Did you have any classes together?
A: No. She did a lot of science. She wanted to be a vet or something. I want to be out of school. I'm taking the fun stuff. This semester I did art classes.

Q: How do you know she wanted to be a vet?
A: One time the discovery channel was on--some show about lions--and she said she wanted to go to Africa to be with lions. She said that she liked the way they moved--like sliding off satin sheets.

Q: I thought you said you didn't have conversations?
A: This wasn't a conversation. It was Purity thinking out loud. I just happened to be there.

Q: What kind of music did you listen to?
A: She liked girl singers, like Sarah McLaughlin--she sang along sometimes--she has a pretty voice. On Sundays we got in the habit of listening to space music together. I like that stuff. It makes me feel, uh, transported. She liked it too.

Q: It seems that you and Ms. Knight were quite comfortable together.
A: I guess. She's quiet and I didn't push her. I think Lee kinda got on her nerves chattering all the time. It didn't bother me that she didn't respond to me. It was sorta nice. She wasn't trying to figure me out.

Q: Did she and Ms. Perez get along?
A: Yeah, they just didn't hang out. Lee finally wrote her off as a freak and left her alone. I think Lee was kinda hoping that some of Purity's fame would wear off on her. She's an actor you know.

Q: Did you and Ms. Knight have physical relations?
A: No way. She sure wasn't the kind of girl you just made a move on.

Q: But you did think about it?
A: Hey, you gotta admit she's hot.

Q: One more question. Did you ever notice anyone hanging around Ms. Knight or around the house?
A: I hardly ever saw her except at the house. Once she was talking to some guy in the parking lot--not so tall, dark hair, skinny. She said he was passing out information about some club or something. I never saw anyone around the house.

Q: Thank you Mr. Pierce. Please let us know if you hear anything else.

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