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The following are excerpts from an interview conducted with Matthew
Owens on June 2, 1997. Owens was subsequently released. Ms. Knights
roommate, Lee Maria Perez, has declined to file charges against Owens.

Armstrong: For the record, please state your full name, birth date, and

Owens: Matthew Edward Owens, July 17, 1967. I live at 102 North 15th

A: Is it true that you claim to be the person who was stalking and
stalking Ariadne Knight?

O: Yes.

A: Why did you come forward?

O: Like the letter said. I'm not involved now.

A: Do you have any evidence to support these claims?

O: I guess not. But it wasn't my intent to get rough.

A: What was your intent?

O: I just. I don't know. I needed somewhere to vent. I was angry.

A: Why?

O: I don't really know. Val's murder. So many things. I felt like
since then nothing has gone right. And then I heard that *she* was here
--I felt, I don't know, like it just seemed so unfair. That she should be
taking Val's place, even though she was the criminal.

A: But you know the facts of the case. Vilson's death had nothing to do
with Ms. Knight.

O: On the surface. I don't know. I believe there's no such thing as a
coincidence. I knew no good could come of Val's knowing here. Like a
curse. I felt there was a curse hanging over us all. And I wanted to
give the curse back, or something. It just didn't seem right.


A: How do you know Ms. Knight?

O: Not at all. In person. But it was easy enough what with all the
publicity. You'd think she was a movie star or something. A queen.
Instead of what she is. I followed her home a couple of times. Her
number is listed. I got her e-mail address from your site. You made it
easy. It was all pretty easy. But nothing serious.

A: It appears to have been serious to her.

O: Well, if you're already feeling guilty, then everything is serious.

A: Do you feel guilty? Is that why you're here?

O: No. What I did was justice. I'm here because I want to get clear of
what's happening now. My name is clean.


A: You're a student here?

O: I was.

A: You've graduated?

O: Yes. Just now.

A: What are your plans?

O: That depends. Are you going to arrest me?

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