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Partial list of files on computer shared by Knight and Perez

Purity Knight shared a computer with her roommate, Lee Perez. Ms. Perez purchased the computer. Ms. Knight later contributed to it's purchase price. Investigators removed the computer for one week from the premises for file and disk analysis. No hidden files or erased materials relevant to the investigation were found. The full file list shows predominantly class related files.
Equipment description: used IBM PS/2, no modem attached, no Internet-related software on the system
Acquisition: Purchased for $300 on 1/12/97 by Perez; Knight later contributed $100 in cash toward cost
File list: includes all documents created by Knight, Perez, and Perez' boyfriend Edward Pierce. Pierce used the computer occasionally. Perez and Knight copied documents to 3.5" floppy disks and took them to the University lab for printing. Pierce never printed his files.
Excluded Files: not included are system files and executables that came with the computer or files related to preinstalled software
List: File name, date created, description
chores.txt, 1/15/97, list of household duties for Knight and Perez

mh.txt, 1/19/97, letter to Mountain Home National Bank from Purity

Knight, requesting closure of checking account and transfer of funds to

new account at Mississippi Savings

reed.txt, 1/21/97, letter from Knight to Reed College Records Office,

asking for fax of transcript

sol.txt, 1/28/97, soliloquey for Perez' acting class

lab1.txt, 1/30/97, Knight's chemistry lab writeup

francais.txt, 2/6/97, Knight's study list of French vocabulary words

aresume.txt, 2/10/97, Knight's resume

lab2.txt, 2/11/97, Knight's chemistry lab writeup

rents.txt, 2/12/97, letter from Perez to parents in Biloxi

paul.txt, 2/17/97, letter from Perez to Paul Klinger, a student at

Mississippi State University

todo.txt, 2/21/97, "To do" list for Knight for weekend of 2/22-2/23

eagle.txt, 2/26/97, letter to the editor from Knight to Oxford Eagle

(never published)

dia.txt, 3/3/97, dialogue written for Perez' screenwriting class

dinos.txt, 3/7/97, Notes for midterm - Perez' dinosaurs class

chron.txt, 3/13/97, list of dates for Perez' "History of Theatre" class

irish.txt, 3/21/97, notes for a long paper comparing writers Bram Stoker

and John Millington Synge. Pierce later abandoned the


lee.txt, 4/2/97, Perez' resume

cover.txt, 4/2/97, letter from Perez to New Orleans Conservatory Theatre,

applying for internship

review.txt, 4/5/97, Pierce's notes for a review of a student jazz group

death.txt, 4/9/97, Perez' rehearsal notes for student production of

Williams' "Death of a Salesman"

rents2.txt, 4/12/97, letter from Perez to parents in Biloxi

drama.txt, 4/14/97, term paper for Perez' "History of Theatre" class

script.txt, 4/18/97, script for 20-minute video written by Perez for

screenwriting class

pail.txt, 4/22/97, unfinished short story by Perez

annie.txt, 5/3/97, Letter from Perez to high school friend Annie Mitchell

at Vanderbilt College

asteroids.txt, 5/5/97, essay on extinction theories for Perez' dinosaurs


final.txt, 5/11/97, take-home final exam for Perez' "History of Theatre"



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