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Thu Jul 31 23:54:33 1997







Response: 1-See http://members.aol.com/poecentral/index.html
2-He was removed from the case.
4-Yes. The above letter from Anderson explains this.

Thu Jul 31 23:19:41 1997

Do u know what the killer looked like or did he/she know the vitms and is that all the evidence you have found.

Response: 1-The boy has identified a person of interest to us. 2-There is additional information yet to be revealed. Check back on Fridays for updates.

Thu Jul 31 20:27:31 1997

Why did the victim wrap herself in plastic and lay in a box
with a ventilation vent. E-mail Address Allispalis

Response: She was put in the box, then wrapped herself for warmth.

Thu Jul 31 20:16:34 1997

Another thing I've found curious about Ed Pierce is the way in which he stated during the interview (paraphrasing): "She's not the kind of girl you just hit on." The phrasing sounds odd - "not the kind of girl you JUST hit on??" Perhaps he -did- have a thing for her (like I tried to explain with the poetry, July 22.)

Oh, and to Boknee - I'm just a gal from NC who found this site quite by accident a couple of weeks ago - but I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

Thu Jul 31 18:59:51 1997


Response: Not certain what you mean.

Thu Jul 31 15:34:31 1997

Forgot to ask--is there any explanation for lacerations on arms, was there a way for her to attempt suicide?? the radial artery runs up the arm

Response: The angle of the wounds suggested it was not self-inflicted.

Thu Jul 31 15:04:13 1997

still feel that stalker had some kind of involvement--y else the hostilityat interview??

also suspect invovement of roomie and pierce too many conflicting statements and the info that child witness gave re: no vehicle

Thu Jul 31 13:46:42 1997

Does Purity Knight's boyfriend smoke?

Response: Her ex-boyfriend, Jake Rohleen, does not smoke.

Thu Jul 31 12:18:59 1997

how many people were interviewed

do you have any suspects?

if so who? why do you suspect him or her?

do you think that the person is someone else besides the abdutor?

Response: Hundreds of people have been interviewed. As for suspects, the page allows me to hear who you think it was.

Thu Jul 31 11:18:57 1997

Investigate the Church of Christ the Avenger. They have a heavy motive-if Purity does not survive her father, they gain $100,000 plus other things. Also, the threatening letter to Mrs. Knight said to drop money behind Church.

Response: The church has been a defender of the Knights. They gave them an alibi, and sent a search team for Purity Knight.

Thu Jul 31 10:52:28 1997

I can't find this answer. Was the loan to Azeriah repaid?

Response: No. More here.

Thu Jul 31 10:24:34 1997

Was the late Ms. Knight ever seen out on the town with
anyone on the night of her murder? Was she a promiscuous lady?

Response: She was entombed the night of her murder. She was promiscuous.

Thu Jul 31 09:53:20 1997

Ask Archer where he was on the night when someone was seen at purity knights house.

Response: He was at a Zoning Board meeting.

Thu Jul 31 07:41:02 1997

I think that someone has it! The person that's theory is about EAP-Ed Pierce. Great train of thought! Let us know who you are.

Thu Jul 31 00:59:47 1997

The money is quite clearly a motive both in terms of the abductor and Purity, even though the ransom note to the Knight's was not followed up, and did not really appear to be serious. Have you looked at Purity's attempts to raise the $10K - a University financial aid officer is mentioned in her date book. Just a coincidence that Ben Archer worked in the same role? Was there some conspiracy between the two of them? (Ben is also a church-goer)

Response: She didn't seem to have tried hard. She asked her mother for money and also applied for a student loan. She had received neither.

Wed Jul 30 23:01:24 1997

I believe that she was stalked by the man with the initials P.K. then he hide the knife and then fled the scene

Wed Jul 30 22:11:20 1997

A few questions I have not yet found asked thus far:

1. Is there any indication (physical evidence or otherwise) how long
Purity was kept in the box? She was abducted in March, but died in June
in the box of starvation. Yet she was apparently taken from the box
at least once to change at least some of her clothing. Any evidence
she was taken to a different location away from the cemetery, or spent
time elsewhere before being put into the box? Was she allowed to
change all of her clothing, or just a shirt?

2. Purity's hair was reportedly combed neatly and her body "cleaned".
How clean and neat was her body? Could she have been "cleaned" first,
then allowed to die from starvation? It seems unusual for serial or
or psychopathic or sociopathic killers to wait around for a victim to die of
starvation, then in whatever ways manipulate the body. Most
such people tend to "play" with their victims, then kill the victim
directly for the gratification they seek. Part of the ritual is
then to clean, dress, or disfigure (mutilate) the victim.

Response: 1-We have not found the primary location where she was kept.
2-The body was wiped clean--but still dirty from the mud.

Wed Jul 30 19:30:18 1997

I've got it! HAAAA!!! 8-D

I've always heard that a killer who communicates with authorities wants to be found....and will leave clues as to their identity. If that theory is true, well, then, I'm gonna tell ya who did it. :)

As already noted, two messages left were Edgar Allen Poe quotes - the note on the Polaroid and the lid to the box where Purity's body was found. Thinking that the note from the back of the map sounded a bit...literary, I checked the web to see if perhaps it was written by Poe also, and sure enough, it was - from "The Black Cat." Then it dawned on me:
Edgar Allen Poe.

His initials? EAP. So I got to noticing something...there was someone involved in the investigation with the initials EP, so I looked at his interview, where his middle name was stated. His initials were EAP also!

Edward Arthur Pierce.

GRILL HIM. Lay on the pressure. Find out if he's a Poe fan, and even if he isn't, check the computer lab at school - perhaps he has a favorite computer - and check the caches. He too could have used the web as several of us have in our research. As I asked in a previous message, get a bio on him, too. Is he merely an employee of the computer lab? Or is he a student also? Does, or did, he take this (possible) Sartre course? If possible, find out his general philosophical beliefs.

Yes, I am thus far lost as to his motive...I confess...but that's your job :)

Again, sorry so lengthy...

Response: Thanks for the tip. We'll keep you posted. Very interesting connections.

Wed Jul 30 17:59:26 1997

Did Aaron Azeriah find out that Purity Knight died? If so, where is he now?

Did Purity Knight ever pay him back the $10,000 loan?

Thank you.

Response: Aaron's interview is here.

Wed Jul 30 17:59:24 1997

In the death of valerie Vilson there was stage make up book found in the bedroom.the witness miss j was saying that the killer was wearing white make up at the party .
could this be stage make up? has Tom Gilbin be talked to about this case or his wear abouts during this time that she was missing ? I think that the killer knew both sisters and that the killer is in the photo on the refrig. in valerie Vilson's

Wed Jul 30 14:33:51 1997

Has Matthew Owens been implicated in the death of Purity Knight?

Response: He has been cleared, but is awaiting trial for the stalking.

Wed Jul 30 13:48:23 1997

Lee Perez said that she didn't know Valerie Wiilson, so who
is the Lee mentioned(1/5 10:24 pm)in the diary?

In the second interview with Lee Perez, she said that the
caller threatened to commit suicide, how did she know this?
She said that PK never told her about the calls.

Does Ed know Owens? Is it possible that Lee & Ed were
behind the phone calls?

Response: Lee Perez did not know Vilson. Perez answered the suicide call. Both Ed Pierce and Lee Perez were at home during the calls.

Wed Jul 30 10:58:17 1997

Have you looked at her sister's killer as a susspet?

Response: Yes, no connection.

Wed Jul 30 08:09:30 1997

How much of the $10,000.00 did Purity leave behind? Have you traced the check to see if she deposited it or cashed it? Is it possible she was being blackmailed?

Response: The check was cashed and the proceeds possibly put in the safe deposit box.

Tue Jul 29 21:50:52 1997

Is there any history about her time in ISREAL AND AFTER SHE RETURNED TO THE STATES

Response: Little is known.

Tue Jul 29 20:27:58 1997

Maybe the triangle indicated where they were going triangle
something or something triangle or maybe pyiramid something
or something piramid you should look into that

Response: Appreciated.

Tue Jul 29 20:17:53 1997

It could have been an ex boyfriend who murdered her but who?

Tue Jul 29 19:36:17 1997

have you did a background check on Aarron Azeriah? and questioned him and asked why he gave her the loan?

Response: He has been interviewed. We are checking his background.

Tue Jul 29 15:50:31 1997

Was the victim left or right handed? Did she smoke?

Response: Right handed. Occassional smoker

Tue Jul 29 15:24:47 1997

Ben Archer- how early was the time when he found purity? when was purity murdered? how often does he take early walks?

Response: He found the body around 6 AM. He takes the dog for daily walks, and walks for exercise several times a week.

Tue Jul 29 15:22:04 1997

about david woolworth- was he and purity alone together for tutoring or something? what time did he last see her? did he and purity have any conflicts during the day?

Response: He spoke with her in the afternoon on March 3, 1997. The interview is here.

Tue Jul 29 13:32:53 1997

Is it possible that the name on the back of the ATM receipt
was not ESTAFANI, but Stefan, wtih an inverted ? at the
beginning, and a regular ? at the end. This is how they ask
a question in Spanish. (atleast how they write it). If so,
isn't Stefan Spanish for Steven???????

Thank you for any help that you can give me.

Response: ESTAFANI has not been located.

Tue Jul 29 11:18:45 1997

Owens confessed to the stalking incident and his
fingerprints matched that of a camera dropped outside
Purity's window. Did he match the shoeprint as well?

Second question: has the roomate left the building
where the stalking occured and why did she drop
charges on Owens?

Email please MJJ4000@aol.com

Response: 1-He matched the shoeprint.
2-Perez still lives in the house. Owens will face charges.

Tue Jul 29 10:58:58 1997

The ATM slip bothers me.
The date on the front quite clearly reads 30/09/96 - standard European format dd/mm/yy. The dates on the back
appear to be in US format mm/dd - 8/4, 8/11 etc. This
would imply that either the "bullfights" took place over
a month before the ATM slip was issued.

For some reason this slip was deemed important enough to keep in a Safety deposit box, why ? I wonder what these "bullfight" dates really mean.

Response: No idea. It baffles. The strange things that seem valuable for others.

Tue Jul 29 06:22:01 1997

Dear Sir,
I am quite upset about the way the chat sessions are going.
i have been enjoying these session until last week, now I go in and get upset with these other people who are trying to take over for EJ, and they are running the show. I know of 3 people who are also upset with this area, and they don't even get excited to come to the chat rooms anymore. Some order needs to be taken in the chat room. If EJ is to run the show then let her, and tell all of the other people to shut up and let her do her job.
I am totally frustrated now because of them, I was in the chat room for only 15 minutes. Thank you for your time.
Barb Beavers

Response: Hope we are addressing your feelings. To the public, we operate a AOL chat area. It is staffed by EJ, our public information officer.

Tue Jul 29 00:35:28 1997

I had a question. I read on the Theory site about a Vaskin
Kissoyan. Who is this person and why haven't i read about
him. I'm still finding things that I haven't seen before but
I'm pretty sure I haven't seen this name.
Thank you for any response.

Response: Kissoyan is connected with the Vilson case. He tried to help the main suspect surrender.

Mon Jul 28 23:59:18 1997

Aaron had to have done it. Did Purity ever get the 10,000 dollars from her parents ?

Response: The loan was not repaid.

Mon Jul 28 22:27:33 1997

I have a hunch that edward pierce is the killer. Purity's roomate spoke of space like music being played on the answering machine. In edward's interview, he stated that he and Purity liked listening to it. Secondly, Edward and Purity are both on the mailing list of the Ego Shovel. He knows her more than he is telling. Thirdly, most of the people are associated with math and science. Edward, however is taking art and english classes, hence the poetry found. Plus, he did a paper on Bram Stoker and John Millington Synge, two well known writers and poets. I may not have physical evidence, but I know he did it.

Response: Appreciated. His name has come up in recent discussions.

Mon Jul 28 21:43:10 1997

Just a few questions:

1. On what basis was Matthew Owens cleared?
2. Is he related to Gary Owens and Bernie Owens?
3. He stated he has no computer, but referred to your site
4. Ed Pierce's name appears on the mailing list for Ego Shovel.
Did he and Purity ever discuss this? Did he introduce her to
the cult? Is he an active memeber?

Please e-mail me ChefShari@aol.com. Thanks.

Response: 1-Owens was out of the state.
2-No relation.
3-He used public terminals on campus. They are very popular.

Mon Jul 28 20:54:19 1997

What was Frank's will doing in her safe deposit box?

Response: He gave it to her.

Mon Jul 28 20:30:23 1997

Where was Ed Pierce the night that McPhail "saw" the stalker? Is it definitely Owens?

Response: He was at the library. The stalker was Owens.

Mon Jul 28 19:04:05 1997

Has Purity's Nissan car ever been found?

Response: Yes, on campus. No sign of a struggle, or prints.

Mon Jul 28 15:42:55 1997

Polaroid Film Stock # E6V099002E is a
professional film, used by professional
photographers as a proof print for portrait
This film is not available in the Oxford area.
The writing is expected to be poetry. It is
affixed with a common cellophane tape.

Dear Det.Armstrong,
Were any prints lifted off the tape that held the
poetry? What was the process? Dusting or Crazy glue?



Response: We used crazy glue. No prints.

Mon Jul 28 14:34:47 1997

Was Valerie the daughter of Frank and Judith Knight, or was just one of them her parent and the other one not known? If she was, why did they give her up for adoption?

Response: Both were the parents. They were not married, and so gave up Valerie Vilson.

Mon Jul 28 12:57:01 1997

What was the result of Purity's attempt to repay "Aaron"? Notes in her date book indicate that she was looking for means to get out from under this debt to him.

Who was "Aaron" why would he loan Purity $10,000.00?

Evidence at the crime scene indicates that a child was present, during or after the murder? Was it the little boy present when the body was located? Have his care givers been questioned? Are they suspect?

Response: These files have the answers.

Mon Jul 28 10:43:36 1997

According to your response to the letter written on Sunday, June 29, 18:42:51, 1997, the Private Investigator hired by Tom Gilbin to obtain the computer files has reportedly left the country and those files were never recovered.

Is it possible after reading about this on the WEB, that some unscrupulous advertisers or computer development group possibly thought Purity had the files and went after her? To paraphrase the article on Tom Gilbin, "advertisers would kill to get their hands on this stuff."

Or another scenario: Three people were murdered for these files and the actual killer is still at large. This is the killer who so painstakingly posed Valerie's body to throw suspicion elsewhere. Is it beyond reason to believe that he has reentered this country and made Purity his fourth victim in a continued search for the files. A man who would kill for hire is certainly a man who would kill for profit.

Response: That case is closed. I appreciate the interest.

Mon Jul 28 07:40:27 1997

Who was the letter to that PK wrote about meeting Aaron?
Do we know what studies or what PK was doing in the Middle East????
Where is Caddy????

Response: The letter was to Caddy, a friend from a High School camp.

Mon Jul 28 04:04:30 1997


Response: No

Mon Jul 28 03:32:43 1997

1 MORE THING, Purity was at the bank March 3rd (signed log)
did any transactions occur with her accounts that day ... withdraw????
I think I'm done now CEECEE28

Response: No.

Mon Jul 28 03:25:27 1997

Det. Armstrong,
I'm still very curious about "Cooters" have you talked to any
one who hangs out there with Ego Shovel? have you confirmed what blaine said, ie... purity being there after Mar, 3rd as this is vital info,,was she still there on the 17th???? who is left on ....suspect list ? has Aaron been put on that list.????

please respond


Response: We have spoken with members of the mail list. Knight was at the Cooter farm, in temporary residence, from roughly March 3 to March 17.

Sun Jul 27 21:41:53 1997

Is Matthew Owens Val Vilson's murder?

Response: No.

Sun Jul 27 19:30:06 1997

I was wondering if she had a boyfriendor some one who her roommate knew that liked her.

Response: Many boyfriends.

Sun Jul 27 14:42:12 1997

What kind of alibi does Aaron have for this whole thing? Has he been questioned yet?

Response: He has been questioned. View here.

Sun Jul 27 13:58:03 1997

The boy that was spotted could he have been Miss Knight's son that no knew about? It was stated that she was raped and
had an abortion, maybe she didn't and the person who abducted her was the father of the little boy.

Response: Perhaps.

Sun Jul 27 12:58:46 1997

Why did aaron loan the money to the victim?

Response: Answer here.

Sat Jul 26 23:23:21 1997

In what city was the safe deposit box located?

Response: The box was located in Oxford, Mississippi at the Merchants and Farmers Bank.

Sat Jul 26 18:20:21 1997

1-What is Greg's shoe size?
2-Are puritys parents dead?
3-Has the size 10 gym shoe been identified?
4-The pictures sent by the abductor how far away was the closest place to get the film.
5-Did the peeper have the same kind of film?

Response: 1-Greg Giblini was dead by the time the night case began. His show size was a 10 1/2.
2-Purity Knight's parents are alive.
3-The shoeprint was Matthew Owens.
4-The film is available in Memphis.
5-The window peeper used consumer grade film, the abductor used a professional grade polaroid.

Sat Jul 26 16:06:25 1997

Have you noticed that the cut marks on her arms are in the symbol of a cross? Maybe you should look at Dad again. Something is just not right there.

Response: The Knight's alibi, church related, has ben confirmed. There name is no longer on the suspect list. Also removed are Matthew Owens and Jake Rohleen.

Sat Jul 26 15:05:58 1997

The knife,it could of been a weapon of threat,he or she could of treatned Purity with the knife and wanted you to find the knife.

Response: Appreciated.

Sat Jul 26 11:23:04 1997

I was just wondering if, the parents were at all worried about there daughter? They sure don't seem to have.
Have they found a reason as to why she was murdered?
Why did this stalker, want to make purity go through the same thing Val did,
when she was not at fault for it, did he want her to die also?
Please email me at Cutestgal@aol.com
Thank you

Response: The parents were very concerned at her disappearance. They, in conjunction with their church, organized several search eforts.

Sat Jul 26 10:07:25 1997

Were both women killed the same way?

Response: Valerie Vilson was shot in the head and mutilated post-mortem. Purity Knight was starved to death. Her mutilation occurred while alive, as torture.

Fri Jul 25 23:45:50 1997

Of all the people questioned were any of them left handed?

Response: Judith Knight

Fri Jul 25 23:06:32 1997

What about McPhail?

Response: Johnny McPhail has been checked out. There are several witnesses in that can confirm his location during the Knight episode.

Fri Jul 25 22:57:59 1997

Dear Det. Armstrong,
Was it found out if the murders are 'related'.. Purity
and her sister Val.. Thanks


Response: There is no relationship. The motive for Vilson's murder, greed, is different than the Knight motive.

Fri Jul 25 17:34:06 1997

Do we know who Purity's Science Teacher was????

Fri Jul 25 17:10:48 1997

does the victim have any relatives or enemies with the initials pk

Fri Jul 25 16:36:28 1997

Where was Ed Pierce on the morning that Ms Night was last seen by her roomate, and after she had dissapeared how often was Ed over at Ms nights roomates house?

Fri Jul 25 16:14:58 1997

I realize we're probably not privy to all the details
surrounding the case, however I do wonder about Steve Owens'
part in the case. He does not seem to be above suspicion
at this point considering the hostility he harbored toward
Ms. Knight. He also seems to be the type of person described
by the FBI psychologist asked to profile the abductor. Was
there something about his alibi that precludes his being
involved in her death?
Thanks for any reply you can give. In any event, I'll
continue to follow the case.

Fri Jul 25 14:36:13 1997

who is johnny mcphail?

Fri Jul 25 14:00:16 1997

The boy witness may have been around a crowd or friends of the adults in his family and overheard the location of the body. Most people brag about what they have done and he may have overheard it.

Fri Jul 25 13:29:53 1997

In two of the pictures taken of her at the Animal Refuge there is a bar below the window is that a computer misstake or could there be his reflection on it if you where to zoom in on it. Another thing, one of the notes on the back of the page where taped to the pocture, Did you check for fingure prints on the edges of the tape?

Fri Jul 25 06:34:08 1997

what information did the child give about the murder?
Tobby smith

Thu Jul 24 23:28:42 1997

do you think maybe she joined the cult group and she had to purify her soul to be saved considering her relious
back ground. maybe this was a cleansing act and it went
wrong and who ever was helping her is scared to come
forward. it could be the reason why she was washed and
hair combed and change of clothes. just a thought.

july 25 1:33 a.m.

Thu Jul 24 22:18:32 1997

Why did someone with David Woolworth's credentials
leave Cambridge University to go to a relative backwater like
Oxford, MS? I believe something drove him away from Cambridge
I think you should question him about this.

Thu Jul 24 21:16:36 1997

Has the knife that was found been checked for fingerprints? And is it the same knife used to carve the tree and the rock?

Thu Jul 24 21:14:44 1997

Is there any other info on the church of the anvenger? It seems to me that if PK dies they cash in. And why did PK have to oulive her father by 45 days. was he planing on getting her outof the way and then maybe killing himself?

Thu Jul 24 21:13:31 1997

Is there any other info on the church of the anvenger? It seems to me that if PK dies they cash in. And why did PK have to oulive her father by 45 days. was he planing on getting her outof the way and then maybe killing himself?

Thu Jul 24 21:10:43 1997

did Giblini have other short videos with other girls?

Thu Jul 24 21:01:13 1997

Purity's roommate and her boyfriend are too conflicting. One minuete shes friendly and talkative next shes a rambling idiot that niether of them asociate with. Both of them say the other does something the other denies. And this little kid, if he was digging in the dirt wouldn't he leave a footprint. And how come the dog just happened to notice the kid's smell. If there's a girl in a whole probally screaming, and she's using the bathroom in this coffin(the coroner's report says so), then this dog isn't going to detect that. or the man for that matter, i mean every day for over a month he walks by and he never detects her. Requestion all 3. and for the roommate and her boyfriend confront them with what the other one said and see if thier stories change!

Thu Jul 24 20:36:32 1997

was she sexually assaulted?

Thu Jul 24 19:48:44 1997

Why did you decide to open this case for the public? Don't
you think that for the family's sake it should remain private?
Suggest you click the reality check button

Thu Jul 24 19:13:35 1997

Was there a connection between the Owens' who witnessed Purity's father's will and Mathew Owens?

Thu Jul 24 18:46:45 1997


Thu Jul 24 18:34:34 1997

Were the writings sent by the abductor handwritten or typed?
If handwritten were they compared to the samples of Aarron
whatever his name from the loan contract and to Matt Owens?

Thu Jul 24 18:26:26 1997

Did the cult have stron beliefs in the pyramids or in witch craft.

Thu Jul 24 18:18:39 1997

Did you try to ask the father considering the 2 daughters are d
dead and the mother is dead he could be over griefed and couldn;t live w/ it

Thu Jul 24 18:07:25 1997

Why did you decide to open this case for the public? Don't
you think that for the family's sake it should remain private?

Tue Jul 22 23:35:44 1997

does any of the supects smoke

Tue Jul 22 22:44:14 1997

In her diary what do the numbers following the date mean?
i.e. 12/12 120, 12/13 122, 12/14 120...etc. etc...

Tue Jul 22 21:49:00 1997

were there any fingerprints on the envelopes or such from the abductor?

Tue Jul 22 21:44:55 1997

OK, here goes...

1. On both occasions, the Poe quotes refer to "night" - could this, in the killer's own way, be referring to "Knight" (Purity herself)? Reexamine the quotes, using Knight instead.
The first quote from the Polaroid, from Poe's "The
In the Silence of the (K)night
How we Shiver with Affright.

Perhaps the killer required that she be silenced?

Second quote, found on the 'coffin', from "A Dream":
In visions of the dark (K)night
have dreamed of joy departed -
But a waking dream of life & light
Hath left me broken-hearted

The "dark" Knight was the family's secular child, Purity herself. Have dream of joy departed? Perhaps his vision of being with her (read: crush.), were shattered by her rejecting him. A waking dream of life & light? Light equates with daytime, or....no more (K)night, which breaks his heart - obviously he didn't WANT to kill her (of course, that's if my theory-in-development is on the right track).

2. In her date book, found in the safety deposit box, one day lists "Fundamentals of Chem, Comp Stats, Sartre, and French?". So....is Sartre one of her courses? And if so, what aspect of Sartre? His life? Philosophy? Literature? Sartre might appeal to someone who's questioning (or seeking to justify) his moral standing. Also, while there, go ahead and ask the teacher if there are any Poe fans in the class (a "geek", perhaps?)

3. #1 and #2 lead me to believe the murderer is someone who has little idea of what he actually believes - think psychotic agnostic. :)

4. Could you please provide more biographical info on Pierce? According to the computer files you obtained, he had started a paper comparing Stoker and Synge. (Synge is someone I honestly hadn't heard of until your site - did some research and SOME of his work is somewhat macabre like Poe's.) Also include info on whether or not he attends UM also - he works at the computer lab, but is he also a student? Does HE take Sartre?

Sorry so lengthy...

Tue Jul 22 21:30:18 1997

If the likelyhood of Purity being held above ground before her death, and the abductor allowing her to change her clothes was a fact; how do you explain the damage done by the fecal matter? I mean, what did they do? Just allow her to change her shirt? Excellent site by the way! Thanks for bring it to us.

Tue Jul 22 21:03:33 1997

Was there anyone who maybe liked PK say an ex or something that may have been hurt by her?

Tue Jul 22 20:46:55 1997

how long did it take the police to find the body of the girl?
Did she have a boyfriend? If, she did was he abusive?

Tue Jul 22 18:49:25 1997

What day and what time was she killed ?

Tue Jul 22 18:16:44 1997

What ever happened to the boy, was he ever found?
Why was he crying?
Are the police going to try and find this boy he seems to
be a big part of the of the ivestagation or is he?
He may lead you to an adult who may be involved?
He could have been the one feeding her but found her dead instead, that might be why he was crying?

Tue Jul 22 17:34:58 1997

what is the background purity never discussed

Tue Jul 22 16:22:05 1997

Have you considered a psychic, I know that it is hard for most of us (police) to grasp but there may be some value to it.

Tue Jul 22 15:52:12 1997

There were two things that struck me wierd,
One thing is the two stars on the bottom of the letter
from the abductor on the piece of the map, why are they there,
Second the spelling "Afright" is it a misspelling or
something else?

Tue Jul 22 15:32:45 1997

Can u explain how she was murder? How long did it take her
body to be found? Did the victim know her attacker? Were there
any written statements or complaints filed by the local police

Tue Jul 22 15:23:01 1997

What Animal Refuge did she work at?
Did anyone check to see if one of the people
in the Animal Refuge had seen someone taking
pictures of her?

Tue Jul 22 14:54:11 1997

If Owens and Giblini are somehow connected could they have possibly worked together in Valerie's murder? Possibly the third party on the cats fur.

Tue Jul 22 14:50:04 1997

Does any of the people involved in this case smoke?

Tue Jul 22 14:41:13 1997

Have any connections been made between Owens and Greg Giblini?

Tue Jul 22 13:22:49 1997

How tall and what shoe size does Ed Pierce wear?

Tue Jul 22 11:37:37 1997

Have you interviewed Aaron Azeriah?

Tue Jul 22 09:30:16 1997

why it takes long this investigation.

Tue Jul 22 08:50:06 1997

Do you plan to interview Ed Pierce again?
In the previous interview, he said that he and Purity didn't talk too much, nor did they belong to any of the same classes or groups.
But both their name appear on Ego Shovel's mailing list!

Tue Jul 22 07:53:39 1997

Are Gary and Bernie Owens, the witnesses in Frank's will, related to Matthew Owens in any way?

Tue Jul 22 07:36:09 1997

Is there any specific or particular reason for your looking into Ego Shovel other than the fact that PK was on the mailing list?

Tue Jul 22 04:05:32 1997

Is there any information as to where the abduction of Purity took place?

Is there any way to trace the professional photography paper used in the first photo sent to you?

Is there a match between the Valentine written by Matthew Owens and the writting in the box?

The clothing that Purity was found in is not the same she was wearing...but, is that Purity's clothing if so then someone would have to had access to her clothing after her abduction.

Tue Jul 22 00:28:53 1997

Just a comment on the photograph of the persons taken in Spain. I just noticed that the female in the middle of the photo looks identical to the drivers license picture of Lisa Wood. Wasn't Lisa missing during the time that this photo might have been taken, and then was located in the beginning of November 96', supposedly living in Seattle during her sabbaticle? Also,it seems Lisa and Purity had a nasty little habit of disappearing and then conveniently turning up safe and sound later on. P.S. Great website!!!! AJ

Tue Jul 22 00:15:21 1997

Is the private investigator that testified in the sister's murder case in custody,
or is he/she in the witness protection program and living free?

Mon Jul 21 23:54:28 1997

i dont understand why purity's parents dont acknowledge valerie Vilson. If they are so religious and she is their biological daughter. What about this church of the avenger. What is their doctrine.

Mon Jul 21 23:26:40 1997

When the suspect left the message on Purity's voicemail, why weren't you able to check the phone records to see where the call was placed? Where was Purity's roommate when she was discovered missing?

Mon Jul 21 23:26:36 1997

When the suspect left the message on Purity's voicemail, why weren't you able to check the phone records to see where the call was placed? Where was Purity's roommate when she was discovered missing?

Mon Jul 21 23:17:36 1997

Did Owens have an alibi? Could the poem on the back of the
photograph have come from the play he was in with the victim's
Do the band members of Ego Shovel have alibis and does the
poem match their song style?

Mon Jul 21 22:21:17 1997


Mon Jul 21 22:18:41 1997

I want to know if matthew owens had an alibi the night of the abduction. and if so what was it and did you confirm it.

whats the connection between the people in the picture in spain and there unwillingness to cooperate with the police?

why was pruity knight hated by matthew owens so much.

did you all find shoe prints at the seen of the abduction?

how far did matthew owens live from where the body was found.

do you think pruity new her killer? and how can lee perez laugh off the message left on there machine I listened to it several times with my wife and we swear it is a victim in the background. what do you think.

thanks for your time

Mon Jul 21 18:46:17 1997

Re: Matthew Owens.
I happened to notice in the interviews you conducted that he says he doesn't own a computer yet he had Purity's email address and he mentioned visiting the site. That suggests access to a computer at the very least. As well if he's visited the site in enough detail to get info on P's parents he must have at least recognized your reference to Ego Shovel. maybe you should talk to him again? I think he may know more than he's saying.

Response: There are public internet terminals on campus and at the city library. The library has records of owens use of these services. He does seem to now more than he is saying.

Mon Jul 21 13:37:13 1997

Sorry...I now realize "Ariadne" is Purity. Is there any understanding of why she chose to use that name on the Ego Shovel mailing list? In Greek mythology, Ariadne was the daughter of Minos and Pasiphae who gave Theseus the thread with which to find his way out of the Minotaur's labyrinth. Why Ariadne do you suppose?

Response: A while back someone posted this description of the mythical Ariadne: Ariadne is a character in a legend. Her father was Minos, the king who had a labyrinth created to house the beast (Minotaur) that his wife bore after having intercourse with a bull. Minos required a tribute from Athens (young men and women) to be sacrificed to the Minotaur. Theseus volunteered to go, to hopefully deliver his country from the tribute to Minos. Ariadne fell in love with him, and gave him a thread to unwind in the labyrinth allowing him to kill the Minotaur and then find his way out again. From the Labryrinth

Mon Jul 21 13:26:06 1997

Is "Ariadne Knight", a name on the Ego Shovel mailing list, related to Purity's family?

Response: It is the same person.

Mon Jul 21 12:41:13 1997

When the suspect sent you letters were there any riddles or items that seem not to go with him stalking Ms. Vilson

Response: Not certain what you are asking. Please restate.

Mon Jul 21 12:27:13 1997

Do you suspect the parents at all ?
I mean after all she is "an evil child" and should be dealt with... I am sure they would say.. These religious fanatics a a re the worst cultists there are!!!!
Just a thought... He or she who doth protest too much!!!!

Response: The Knights along with Jake Rohlen have been cleared due to their attendenc at several church activities. The distance from Mtnn Home to Oxford would make their involvement impossible.

Mon Jul 21 09:27:10 1997

Who is Estefanie? And what relationship does she have with Purity?
What was the name of the girl from the camp that wanted to go to Europe with her?
Has she been questioned? What is the relationship between her Purity now?
Was there ever a request for money in order to get Purity back?
Thanks this is fun! :)

Response: 1-Estefanie, Spanish for Stephanie, is someone Knight met in Spain. Her whereabouts are unknown.
2-The summer camp friend is Caddy. Yes, she gave no useful information. They did write. She is looking for those letters.
3-No one was ever approached by Knight for money.

Mon Jul 21 09:00:16 1997

were the writings of the edgar allan poe poem on the wall match the writings of the abductors notes

Response: They match to a degree. The utensil used on the sandstone was rough with little detail.

Mon Jul 21 06:47:01 1997

I was wondering if the shirt that she was wearing when she was found was the same as the one in the second polaroid picture? it seems to be dark in the photo when you found the body but a bright green in the polaroid.

Response: No--she was in different clothing.

Mon Jul 21 05:45:05 1997

In the picture of Purity's body on the opening page she is wearing a dark, sleeveless top. However, in the second photo sent by the killer she is plainly wearing a bright green top. the killer was either letting Purity out of the box (too small to change inside and no surplus clothes) or Purity was a willing participant. WAS this a way of gaining money that went wrong ?

Response: Perhaps. It is evident she was allowed to change. While it is possible to change in the box (we used an actor in a simulation) we feel it is likely she was held above ground before burial. That would be where the clothing change came.

Mon Jul 21 05:18:37 1997

Has anyone noted the similarities between the two sisters bodies? Both were mutilated in as much as puncture wounds to the abdomen

Response: Yes. Both were cleaned after death. However, there seems to be no other connection.

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