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Sat May 31 22:38:28 1997

Did you look at the Retardation Center or any abandoned buildings around her house that might have some kind of cage or vent system in it that appear to be similar to those in the pictures.

Sat May 31 22:05:31 1997

What has the parents said about their daughter Purity missing. Are they worried? What has her new friend (that she met at camp) said about her?

Sat May 31 19:39:02 1997

has the former boyfriend been questioned?
was a schedule of her classes looked at to see what she was enrolled in?
if so,were any guys from her classes questioned?

Sat May 31 18:48:35 1997

The Shoe looks like it came from a Converse Court shoe.
I think it's the Converse Allstar.

Sat May 31 00:34:49 1997

A suggestion - the writing in the photograph - it may not be intentionally put there for Purity - but been there before her imprisonment. In Australia we keep at times a register of 'tags' the logos gang kids use (for follow up prosecution and identification) - can you look this one up on a similar grafitti listing??

Fri May 30 23:26:27 1997

i was looking at the last picture that was sent of Purity and i think i saw what appears to be writting or numbers of some sort on the picture its self. i will give the location in rows and collums. rows begining at the base and go across and the collums again starting at the base and going up and down. if you counted right there should be 6 rows and 7 collums. row one is apart of the base of the cage. and collum 7 is also apart of the base of the cage. There appears to be 3 of the markings. The first on is located on row 1 and collum 3. the next one is located between rows 2 and 3 and again between collums 6 and 7 ( this is the area above Purity's finger) and the last one is located on row 6 and between collums 2 and 3. i hope i explained good enough for everyone. ok now to my questions about it,---- who put it there? the abductor? the film developer? or the cops? and what is it? is it numbers or letters? has this already been found? THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M

Fri May 30 23:20:48 1997

With regards to the note sent by the abductor - the thought that he may feel some connection with the detective - that this may all be some 'game' to continue the net interaction - the question on Sun Mar 23 06:41:12 1997 mentions your first name - where would the person have got this information - interesting tidbit to include - what is this person's fascination to such an extent??

Fri May 30 20:51:27 1997

The suspect may have a family member that is a professional photographer. He may be using their Polaroid.

Fri May 30 20:38:51 1997

Would it be possible to contact Polaroid to find out the area (or possibly the store) in which film was delivered to.

If so get a listing of all professional photographers in that area.

Fri May 30 14:00:07 1997

I have been keeping up on the evidence and the comments that have appeared on this page and I don't know if anything I say here will help find Purity, I do however hope that I give you another direction to go in. Before I begin though I would like to say that I personally do not believe that this abduction is a hoax.

The photographs that have been sent to you do appear to have been taken within a couple of days of each other (or within the same day). I don't think that she has been drugged. It appears to me that she is in a state of shock and fear for her life. I haven't been able to pinpoint a particular location as to where she is, but I think there is a possibility that she could "caged" somewhere. For instance, in a park, or, on the morbid side, in a cemetery. I got the feeling from the note that was attached to the 1st picture that she is being held somewhere outside. That could also explain the appearance of light shining in from above in both photos. Is there any place that could have some kind of underground holding tank (for lack of better words) or a well??

Just another thought, it may sound a little farfetched, but if you were to take the map and fold it into fourths to find the center point, does it show anyplace that could be of importance??

I have also looked closely at the color of her clothes due to all of the comments made about her sweater. I don't think that her roomate Lee Perez is involved in the abduction. She stated that Purity was wearing a purple colored sweater, and when I looked at her sweater underneath what appears to be green scrubs, I see a light purple. Perhaps a lilac color. Everyone perceives colors a little differently I guess.

I hope that this case can be solved quickly before another life is lost. Am

Fri May 30 07:53:44 1997

Interesting, but somewhat gruesome. Interesting to read your discussions - a few things -
In the photograph (2nd) there seems to much comment on Purtiy's finger holding the grate - that she is particpating voluntarily in the scenario -
She appears to be quite (either) apathetic or as has been suggested - drugged. A review of the Psych. report on victim behaviour could be interesting - the finger through the grate - is it possible that Purity has become a 'victim' and unable to see herself in a fighting back or escaping role. Has she come to identify with the camera holder - is the camera holder the abductor, or another person.

The note writer has a interesting and well read command of the english language, including long unused grammer and language - English/Arts Major??? Older person??

A need to place the responsibility for Purity's life in your hands - not the note writers...

A second abductor could be possible - the note addressed to you shows a familiarity with who you are - the addressing you by surname (comments about following net story could be true) and the sign off - a friend, but also to note is the belief that you should be able to 'locate' Purity. Is this your 'geek' who may know more, but feel unable to say?

The idea of the geek does not seem to fit with the idea of the professional photographer - the person in the stalking incident also does not fit. Does this indicate the posibility of a third person. A person of such professional calibre is less likely to make lighting/F stop errors as in the stalking photos.

The second photo shows Purity not just in green hospital clothing, but she appears to be wearing a light blue top underneath - ???

Fri May 30 07:51:04 1997

Have you searched the fish hatchery yet.


Thu May 29 16:30:43 1997

Det. Armstrong,
Just out of curiosity, does your own home lie within the boudary of the fragmented map that the supposed abductor sent? Have you considered that when he wrote:
"Will I have to deliver her to your door?"
that the 'door' may be your home and not work? He seems to infer that Purity is obviously (in his mind) very close to you. I know you searched the woods behind the Police Station. What about the area of your home? Is it at all possible that this is more an attack against you, than Purity? It all seems so staged and unbelievable. Like a late night b-movie.

Thu May 29 12:44:29 1997

Det. Armstrong. Have you thought yet how smoothly the abductor is feeding you the information? He's taking his/her sweet time and seems too relaxed! I have a hunch that either Purity knows who they are and is in on the joke for publicity, or the abductor is inside and knows valuable information about the investigation. He's certain too monitor this website too increase his ego! Idea: have you thought about setting a trap using this website? Give him something to taste that he can't resist! Good luck. Kenneth Stokes.

Thu May 29 12:34:53 1997

Detective Armstrong, I hope these leads help you out. First of all, did you notice to the left of the writing? It looks like there's some kind of hole or circular type item eitheir in the wall or put onto it. What is? Also if you look at the outside of the bars in the 1st photo ,it looks like there's rust on the outside of the bar! That would indcate that Purity might be underground or the age of the place she's in. Good luck! I,m behind you all the way! Kenneth

Thu May 29 11:40:14 1997

Do you see any similarities or anything peculiar about a connection between the stalker and the suspect(s) in the murder of Purity's sister? There must be a connection!

Thu May 29 11:02:52 1997

Public Enemy- It's a rock group

Sean C. Cook

Thu May 29 09:40:11 1997

Has anyone checked to see if Purity's abduction and Valerie's murder are somehow related? The whole thing is like something right out of a movie, too weird. I hope you find her and please send updates - Thanks!

Thu May 29 09:14:53 1997

In one of the comments it says the roommate said she was wearing a purple sweater, but in the photos she has a green sweater.Maybe the roommate is trying to hide something.Or maybe she is linked to her kidnapping?Does the roommate seem shock, I think if she is not in shock maybe she does have something to do with it.This also could be linked to her sister's death in somehow.Because they both had pictures taken of them, there cat's looked spooked.


Thu May 29 09:02:38 1997

What all do you know about Purity? I need to know all the facts because I like to figure things out.

Wed May 28 19:24:04 1997

Purity does look to be wearing the same clothes in the two photos. Her face looks to be of about the same cleanliness and her hair looks to be very similar. This either means that they were taken at about the same time and mailed separately or that she is participating because she has access to facilities to clean and bathe but was careful enough to put the same clothes on for the second picture.

What is the black area on the first photo? Is it a mask put on the camera? Is it material you decided not to show? Is it area cut out of the actual photo?


Wed May 28 18:48:15 1997

The writing kinda looks like it says,.... bi BitcH
Maybe this was written by the abductor?
can you find any handwritten notes or letters to compare
this with the abductor?
The room mate said she thought that purity's sweater was purple.... In the picture her sweater is not purple!

Wed May 28 18:06:21 1997

who do you think did it

Wed May 28 15:16:07 1997

First the writing is probably by a gang member that would want to be seen. Second the light in the photos seems to be coming from the room where the girl was photographed. Third the person in the photos and the person in peeper 5 looked druged or dazed in some way. Photo 2 looks as if it were taken in the day and photo 1 looks as if it were taken in the evening. The peeper photographs look like a different person than the post-abduction photos. What if these are photos of the abductor and someone else is missing? Just some thoughts, hope they help.

Wed May 28 13:51:33 1997

I have a possible alternate motive for the abducter, in light of the impatient tone of the recent letter from him/her:

It could be that the abductor abducted Ariadne (Purity) simply to perpetuate the Crime Scene web site. Although I find admitting it distasteful, there is a certain appeal to following a "real life" mystery, as it happens.

With the solution of the Valerie Vilson case, could it be that the abductor didn't want it end? I say this after reading the notes from the abductor that say he or she is disgusted with the police, in that they have not found Ariadne (Purity) yet.

The abductor doesn't seem interested in Ariadne's welfare, possibly because he or she only wants the excitement of a on-line case to continue.

And it is certainly possible that Ariadne is responsible for her own abduction...


Wed May 28 13:18:59 1997

Have you guys analyzed the foot print

Wed May 28 13:18:57 1997

Have you guys analyzed the foot print

Wed May 28 09:22:45 1997

The note the guy wrote to Detective Armstrong is trying to tell you that it is so close you can spit on it.How long has she been missing for?What do you think he means by solicit?Has the guy asked for any money?Did you check for fingerprints on any of the things that he has sent you?If you haven't I really think you should.Good luck trying to find her!!!!!!!!

Wed May 28 09:12:35 1997

In the pictures of the cats in both her and her sister's pictures the cats looked freaked. They guy who killed her sister took a lot of pictures and so is the guy who took Purity.Maybe the pictures are trying to give you clues.Maybe the guy who took Purity is keeping her at his house, the house could be close to Purity's. What about her roommate?

Wed May 28 09:05:16 1997

Is there any new leads as to what the words spell above here
head say and mean? Mayube it is a clue to where she is at.

Wed May 28 08:34:35 1997

Is it normal for abductors to send "clues" (i.e. photographs, maps) to the police?

Bear with me here:
This whole case seems awfully melodramatic, even staged. From the phone call which the profiler described as rehearsed, to the nice little map and photos. The abductor seems much more interested in the police efforts to find Purity than in Purity herself. I'm wondering if the abductor is someone who views and/or participates in this website. Think about this:
1. When did you first put the Purity case on the web? Was it before or after the map showed up? Why did the abductor wait two months to start sending stuff?
2. The first photo arrived on May 7 and was posted shortly thereafter. It was dark and distorted and people started making all kinds of wild speculation about it. A clearer photo conveniently shows up on the 16th.
Do you think that some is yanking your chain, Detective? (I'm not questioning Purity's involvement, like some others. I happened to believe she was probably abducted.)

Of course, this is the answer that begs the question, Would Purity have been abducted if this website didn't exist? Makes me question my participation....


Wed May 28 01:26:47 1997

Suspect Briefs states that Purity worked at an animal shelter "nearby". Her picture looks like she'a in an animal cage. Maybe a connection?
Good Luck.

Tue May 27 15:10:38 1997

Im trying here detective. With reading the note that came with the map its says It will be on your hands. Your hands
not mine. I have never been to your city Is there a clock tower that the abductor could be refering to your hands meaning your town?? Another theory though pretty far out there. If you look at the U. of Miss. in the map you can sort of make out a hand with deformed fingers jetting off what appears to be the main building. Well bye for now I will keep trying for ya

Tue May 27 08:59:06 1997

How much longer will this case be open?

What other evidence was found?

What is the story behind her sisters death?

Any new evidence?

Tue May 27 02:11:44 1997


Mon May 26 13:55:11 1997

This could be due to the photographic processing, but the paint on the inside looks like it is bright pink.

Is pink a common color for buildings in that area? It hasn't been used on homes here for a very long time. It is also was rarely used on public buildings, except for maybe elementary schools.

Mon May 26 13:54:55 1997

This could be due to the photographic processing, but the paint on the inside looks like it is bright pink.

Is pink a common color for buildings in that area? It hasn't been used on homes here for a very long time. It is also was rarely used on public buildings, except for maybe elementary schools.

Mon May 26 02:32:58 1997

It looks as if she is wearing hospital scrubs - it is my feeling that it might be worth a look into the hospital that is shown on the map.

Are there any buildings or floors that aren't used or areas that have a very limited access?

Sun May 25 16:38:57 1997

I guess you already worked this out but the letters appear to say "you bitch"

Sun May 25 02:39:10 1997

does it say bubblegum?? maybe redrum...this is disturbing.no
just looked again, i think definitely bubblegum...have you come to the conclusion that purity isnt participating in this for some reason??

Sun May 25 02:36:47 1997

does it say bubblegum?? maybe redrum...this is disturbing.

Sat May 24 12:01:16 1997

Has anyone considered the fish hatchery that is on the map? The grating might be used to let water in. Just a thought.

Sat May 24 11:07:21 1997

I was curious about any cult activity related to Valerie Vilson's death. In her
kitchen there is a sticker on her fridge that should say "smile" on it. (The
one with the aztec looking head). I was on vacation in Washington D.C. and a
young w/male ~19-23 shoved me one of those stickers in my hand outside the
Air & Space museum. When I didn't stop to chat with him he got a real bad
attitude and started saying something about rich college graduates and being
to good for "them". ????? (I have no idea what he was talking about.) He had
real short hair and had a goofy spaced out look on his face. I can mail you
the sticker if you want it. I stuck it in my coat pocket and when I got home
I emptied my pockets on a bookshelf and it's still there. I'm pretty sure
nobody has touched it but me and the guy that gave it to me.

I don't know if this could help you in any way but I looked at the photo of
the fridge and that stupid sticker stood right out. Maybe there is a group of
these "cult" people in the area where the missing girl is. That sticker is
not a common sticker you find at a persons house. Someone with this cult gave
her that sticker. I used to work in D.C. and I saw these cult guys all the
time down at the Smithsonion mall.

Sat May 24 07:46:48 1997

Very interesting case I have read much of the information you provided. People seem to be stuck on the poetry and alot of mention to the bells. Just a thought is the school she attended in the map you received? If so and even if not maybe she is being held somewhere in the College. Im sure it has been checked well, but could there be some areas that were remodeled and dont show up on current building plans. Maybe somewhere near theatre or music rooms??

Also with the above in mind Is it possible for this scenario to be applied to one or all of the area churches,basically any building big enough to have hidden areas not easily noticable from the outside.

Although putting much thought into this investigation I am finding it hard to believe it is not staged but wish to help
however I can


Fri May 23 21:04:06 1997

The abductor works with a camera designed for photographic proof work. The abductor is theatrical and poetic. Have you checked out local publishing or printing companies? Do you have a list of names from local libraries of individuals who have withdrawn poetic books and matched these names with prior criminal records?
You cannot take the chance in thinking that this is a hoax. Time is critical. Have you tried playing the telephone recording of the abductor's voice over the schools (Mississippi Univ.) intercom system to see if anyone recognizes it? Or over the radio?

Fri May 23 15:01:17 1997

I ran the photos of purity through photoshop to see if I could bring anything out. Nothing much however, It did seem that that grate was being held up as I noticed a screw hole which seemed empty...in fact on a very close look [800+times] the grate itself appears to be wood. and her finger does appear to be holding it up with it slightly leaning forward unattached.

Meanwhile her finger upon closer look appears to have a small almost unoticable scab...right near the nail maybe from clinging to the grate or something. Her eyes...didn't really come out well but it appears the pupils are glazed but large as if a lot of light is hitting them or something is wrong with her but not fear.

ANd given what I've read otherwise...it does appear to be some sort of hoax esp that call. Seems whoever made the call had choreographed it and might've been reading a script as he called. And also as a side note...I find it interesting...though I don't have details to back it up...that there is a brother in Seattle [perez I think it was]...near where purity never returned to school.

Well ...I'll have to read the diary before I comment further...however,......this case must give you a migraine at times....never seen such a twisted tale quite this intricate

Fri May 23 12:54:09 1997

...being versed in Edgar Allen Poe, to the point where you can cite lines and excerpts to fill your needs, is not a common thing.........is Purity a fan of Poe?...if so, it would lead to believe that she had input on the letter ......................................why would the *abducter(s)*...send numerous letters......the percentage of cases such as these points to the abducter....asking for something, anything....and yet here, he/she seems to be dragging it out.....if they wanted money, they would ask...or if they wanted her dead they would just kill her.......this is not a mastermind at work here with a greater purpose, so why the wait?.......food for thought...

AKA: grey ghost

Fri May 23 12:47:07 1997

This is only a comment, but the longer my colleague and I look at the two photos, the more we tend to believe that this whole abduction is staged. The two photos appear to be virtually identical. The only difference is the fact that the second photo is a close-up. The expression on Purity's face, and her positioning in the photo is the same. It seems as if the pictures were taken one after the other. If this was a true abduction, would a prisoner stay in the exact same position? There would have to be even a little bit of difference.

Fri May 23 12:09:40 1997

What about the possibility that she may be in shock? This could account for the wide-eyed stare.

Fri May 23 11:12:40 1997

The writing means nothing...it looks to be graffiti.
My guess is that Purity has staged her own abduction. Her appearance in the photographs seems staged...why put her fingers in the grating? If she were trying to pull on it, my thinking is there would be some look of effort on her part. Her facial expression is almost as if she's bored. I know nothing about how a victim would truely react, but I'm thinking there might be either defiance or fear in photographs such as these. Would a vicitm be so detached that they would be void of any expression?

Fri May 23 10:43:54 1997

Is she assumed to still be alive?
The last photo looks "set -up" by her abductors.

Fri May 23 08:46:51 1997

The poem talks about warning bells. Are there any bells used around the area like for a draw bridge, light house, or perhaps even an old firehouse? What about boats? Are there any places that they are docked?

Fri May 23 08:04:54 1997

I was just looking at the pictures and I seem to agree with everyone else....something does not seem right. Is SHE in an air vent? Many other people have stated something along the lines of did the abductor take the picture while HE was in there, but I don't think that is correct. Is she always on her back next to the vent? It seems strange that she would be in that position normally in a room, so is she "posing" for you detectives? She also seems to have some "marks" on her face as well...does this mean that he is beating her or is it just from her environment? Finally, her clothes, in the pictures, do they change? If so, doesn't that seem a bit odd for a person that is trying to hurt her in some way to do that? Sounds like a big cat and mouse attention ploy to me on the part of both purity and her "boyfriend". - RS

Fri May 23 00:15:39 1997

I noticed that on the first photograph there are several fingerprints that can be seen on the black area of the photo.
Also, Purity seems to be wearing the top part to (very unusually colored) greenish hospital issued medical scrubs. There is deffinately a bright (and seemingly natural) light source comming from above and slightly behind Purity in photo #2 (notice shadow at base of "wall" behind Purity).
In photo #1 the black area around the grating hides the top edge of the first row of openings in the grating, but in photo #2 the top edge of the very same row of openings are clearly visible...

Thu May 22 23:43:14 1997

The words on the wall behind Purity read "YOU BITCH!" with the "Y" from the word "YOU" not being visible, and the "T" from the word "BITCH" hidden behind the grating. There is something else underneath the word "BITCH", but I have not deciphered it yet.... I'll let you know as soon as I do.

Karen - klm@otn.net

Thu May 22 23:29:41 1997

I have several questions #1-- how tall is Lee Perez? The reason i am asking is because the shoe prints that were studied at the stalking incedent came out to be size 10 Converse tennis shoe belonging to Lee Perez.. If Lee Perez wore those shoes she must have big feet! cause i am 5 ft 6 and 1/2 inches tall and i wear size 7and 1/2. #2-- has or will she be questioned again reguarding the findings of her foot prints at the stalking seen? #3--- Could it be possible that Lee Perez was involved with the stalking, maybe like her boyfriend or someone else was helping Lee Perez out by doing the acual stalking? #4-- Could she have just kept the shoes for someone? or the stalker just left them at their house? also, in the most resent picture of Purity it looks like there is some source of light coming in through the top, could she really not be confinded? (as if there were no top or lid to the box which she is in?) it apears that way. Thank You, M

Wed May 21 10:15:13 1997

How did Purity get to school?
Did she have a car? Where is it?
Did anyone normally see her on the way to school? Did they see her that day?
Did anyone see her at the library?
Was Purity a conscientious student? My point is, was she likely to skip
classes, maybe hanging out in the library or student union, making it
possible that she disappeared AFTER 8:30am?
Assuming that she did intend to go class that morning, she would have been
abducted in broad daylight. Did anybody see or hear anything suspicious in
the area?
Was Purity doing well in school? Failing any classes?

Since Purity was a science student, did you check her labs as well as her
classes? At really large Universities the science classes have several
sections and the labs are a mixture of students from different classes. It
is also a good opportunity for students to talk and get to know each other.
Did she have a lab partner? I was thinking this might be a good place to
find "the geek".

Response: Purity Knight owns a Nissan truck. It has not been found.

A calculus teacher spoke with her the morning she disappeared, at about 10 AM. We will post his interview soon.

She was doing well in school, but had finacial concerns. Her discussion with the professor concerned a summer assistantship.

None of her classes were lab courses. The "geek" had not been identified by cross referncing her fellow students with known: photographers or persons with a criminal record.

Mon May 19 09:56:21 1997

The two messages both look like they were probably done on a typewriter, which wouldn't fit your suspect profile. If they weren't, then they were done in a monospaced font with an extra space added to at least one line. It was not justified using the justify feature of a word-processor.

Can you tell if it was done on a typewriter?

Response: Recent analyisis indicates the note was done with a computer. Letters were shifted to make it seem typewritten.

Fri May 16 21:50:28 1997

In the most resent pictures that were delivered with the map , it looks like to me that she herself (Purity) is holding up the bars or grills, if you take a good look you can see that they are tilted. it looks like they arent fastened in looks like she is holding them in place. or it also could not be that at all, as you can see in the picture the floor is at a angle also,so it could be because of that. ok one more comment, in the same picture of her trapped in , if you look right above her head you can see some type of writting,but you cant tell what it says, if anything at all. so here are my questions,#1.-- Has the pictures been inspected to see if she was holding up the grill herself , or was it bolted or scewed in the walls? #2-- Could you do any kind of testing on the picture to see what is written above her head in the photograph? that just might help locate her. i would like to hear back from you on this. Thanks, M

Response: 1-It is not likely she is holding up the grill.

2-Below is an enlarged detail from the photograph. The word spelled across her head is visible.

Fri May 16 19:06:01 1997

Hey people, in the poem (THE BELLS) a line refers to a church.
Purity : to be in pure form , how pure something is. The Christian Church believes in Purity of the soul.

also we know Repunzel was lock in a tower , Poe's poem the bell refers to a steaple (church) where the bell were once rung

Response: The churches and their buildings have been searched repeatedly.

Tue May 13 22:04:40 1997

Are you sure the answering machine message is a fake. In it the person recites (incorrectly) lines from Rapunzel and in the notes the police receive there are lines of poetry. Is there maybe a connection. How did the person leaving the message even Purity was missing?

Response: Purity Knight was not missing at the time the message was left on her machine. The second voice is not hers.

Mon May 12 13:54:27 1997

Is it possible, because of Purity's background, that she is suffering from a split personality? "Purity Knight is alive - I do not expect her condition to improve..." Has this theory been approached? bk

Response: She has no history of split personality.

Sun May 11 22:21:02 1997

Is it just me, or does this picture look like someone stuck a camera in an old air vent, lay down on the floor on their side, and then snapped the picture somehow? Like, with a timer or something? Knight's right hand is clutching the grating and the edge around the bottom of the grating is a brownish color--like wood. It looks more like she's faking this with someone else in order to keep attention on herself. Too many questions pop up otherwise... Why didn't she see the camera flash outside of her window when her neighbor could? Why was the answering machine message still there two days after it was recorded? Why was the film left at the the scene of the stalking? It's too sloppy for it to be professional.

Response: 1-The note and photographs are accepted by our office as authentic.
2-The window peeping photographs were not taken with a flash. The light source may have been a cigarette lighter.
3-No one know why she saved the message on her machine.
The film was found in a camera dropped by the peeper.

Sun May 11 22:06:37 1997

I was wondering about the entire map. If the suspect really wanted to, I'm sure he could have fit that entire note onto one section of any piece of paper, but the fact that he included the section with victim Knight's house, plus two other sections, he wants to be found.
Just a thought.

Response: Or he wants Purity Knight to be found.

Sun May 11 16:24:20 1997

I haven't reviewed all the information yet but I did look at the remarks made by others. Comment: The photograph of Purity - this looks like a "return air grill" possible as others have suggested on the "Poe" poem located in an abandoned church. Comment: in one photograph by the unknown photographer outside - the cat was right in the camera's view - the cat seemed to sense something but the girl seemed oblivious to the cat's curiosity or aware of anyone outside - at night? bk

Sun May 11 11:51:25 1997

Have you checked out everyone at Ms Knight's workplace?
If he had taken a picture there I think someone would have noticed.

Response: The Yoknpatawpha Animal Refuge, where Purity Knight worked, is large and sprawling. No one saw anything unusual. Persons with cameras there are not out of the ordinary.

Sat May 10 18:42:35 1997

Picture of Purity Knight looks like she is smiling and on the telephone talking, is that a
distortion, because the picture is unclear? She also looks like she is in a basement
apartment, The window looks unlocked, unsecured, at an angle? Could Misappropiated funds,
insurance fraud. I think it is very co-incidental (not really )that all three knew each other
and shortly after being in contact with Greg Giblinis that they were found dead or missing.
I think Purity is dead, that is if her alleged abduction really took place. Whats the common
denominator of the case besides greg and photography?
Thanks this has been an interesting case. Please keep me updated Det. Armstrong.


Response: 1-Purity Knight is smiling on the phone.
2-She lived in a 1 story house.

Sat May 10 15:59:29 1997

You say the photograph arrived via U.P.S.? U.P.S. keeps records.... What ups office was it sent from? Who sent it? If no name then what did the person look like? Sombody had to have accepted the photograph from the mailer... (UPS often has video camera's in their offices) Also, what is the discoloration on the back of the map and on the top edge of the front?

Karen (again)

Response: 1-It was USPS, United States Post Office. The letters were dropped in street mail boxes.
2-The discoloration on the map and note is a wrinkle.

Sat May 10 15:52:37 1997

One more idea... check the abductor's map against another exact copy of the same map (obtained from an official source), and see if there the little black dots (that I assume are private homes) are the same. Has the abductor added one? if so, check the location of the extra dot....

Karen mkaren@usa.net

Response: No differences. Good thought.

Sat May 10 15:24:56 1997

If the unidentified man on the answering machine left the message on March 2nd, and Purity didn't disappear untill March 4th, then who is the man (supposedly) speaking to when he tells the muffled noises to "shut up"?

Karen - mkaren@usa.net

Response: Neither voice is identified.

Fri May 9 21:32:05 1997

The polaroid film used to take the photo is not the easiest thing to use as it is rather old fashioned and must be peeled off of the chemical backing (the negative). this would not be easily accomplished with gloves on, so this leads me to finger prints. the gel surface needs to cure for some time before it fully sets - were there any finger prints on the films surface - if there where - they would almost be etched into it. it also may be professional but you can use this film (108, 669 etc) in any land camera from polaroid and these cameras are very easily obtained at any thrift store - however - the battery is not. there are only about three people in the country that these batteries are available through (if indeed it is a land camera and not something more recent). would there be a sales transaction for the sale of one of these batteries??

Response: 1-The surface of the polaroid yielded carpet and clothing fibers.
2-The camera was a professional model due to the clarity of the print. It was not a land camera. Professional camera shops in the state have been questioned and their transactions are being examined.

Fri May 9 17:01:34 1997

While reading through the diary text left by Ms Vilson, I had a nagging feeling regarding the claims of harrassment from Purity Knight's parents made by Valerie Vilson. I feel that is very likely that Valerie Vilson and Purity Knight concieved the plan to claim they were in fear of their lives to set the stage to send the investigation of Purity's dissappearance in the direction of her parent's.
Have you verified the fact that Ms. Knight actually had an abortion as claimed? Is there any proof (other than Ms Vilsons claims) that threatening calls were made by the Knight's at all or if calls came in were they genuine?
I think that the sister's murder is an unfortunate but unrelated coincidence. There is so many issues that do not add up to a genuine abduction... The photo of her held captive looks as if it has been cropped. A true abductior would have killed her or set her free by now. Obviously someone is feeding her or she would have starved by now. It makes sense, considering Purity's unhappiness with her parent's controlling behavior and her desire to excape from them, that both girls concieved this scheme during one of Purity's visits with Ms Vilson. I do not believe that the threats and harrassment and superhuman type tracking skills by the Knight's ever took place. I think Valerie set up the situations to appear as if she was in fear. (the computer access, the fact that the Knight's knew her dreams, etc. is just to far fetched to be realistic.) I think Purity is alive and well, has gained her freedom, recieved much attention and inflicted revenge on her parents.
Karen M. - mkaren@usa.net

Response: 1-The abortion occurred, the clinic documented the procedure.
2-We hope that Purity Knight is alive and well also.

Fri May 9 16:24:00 1997

The whole thing (the latest answering machine message, the photo, the taunting note) just seems desperately insane, as if not insane at all. It all looks and sounds like a typical theatrical production. I would not be surprised if Knight turns out to be in on this.

Fri May 9 13:07:32 1997

I wrote you earlier this morning that the phrase on the back of the photograph of Purity Knight comes from Poe's poem "The Bells." It's from the 4th stanza, where Poe seems to be describing the bells in a (church?) steeple. (There is a phrase in the third "In the startled ear of night/how the scream out their affright" but the exact phrase occurs in the fourth.) Assuming the poem was supposed to have more signifigance than just a phrase the abductor liked, I think you might want to take a look at churches that show up on the map (or any that don't but are in the area.)

Abandoned churches? I'd look in steeples to see if he has left something there. Maybe he simply means that she is within hearing distance of a church.

Also, the website pictures make it look like the note on the back of the photograph and the note on the map were typed. i.e. not printed on a computer printer. Is this correct? That doesn't seem to fit your suspect profile.


Response: 1-Churches and their steeples have been searched.
2-Analysis indicates the note was printed on a computer

Fri May 9 10:21:37 1997

As someone posted earlier, the quote on the back of the polaroid is close to a stanza from Poe's "The Bells"

From the polariod:
"In the Silence of the Night
How We shiver with Affright"

From Poe's "The Bells"
"In the startled ear of night
How they scream out their affright"

One thing come to mind when reading the poem and seeing the message from the back map of Memphis...
1) Purity is being held near your Police Station, in range of hearing the sirens.

Hope this helps.

Response: There are some woods behind the staion. Upon reading your suggestion, we checked them with a dozen officers. No luck, but thank you for the observation.

Fri May 9 09:53:01 1997

I would have to agree with some of the other responses in that the whole situation, from the "stalking" to the new photo seems staged.
If there was a flash on the camera the night of the incident, why wouldn't Purity have seen it when she was standing by the window unless she knew that someone was out there? The neighbor seemed to notice it.
Also, the new photo, seems to have been taken in a building in which it may not necessarily be run-down, but older. It appears as if she's in a whole other room. She doesn't appear afraid, or injured in any way.
Check on the buildings indicated on the map, looking for ones in which the interior is primarily wood, no paint or wallpaper.
Finally, have you considered cross-referencing the students in Purity Knights classes to see if any of them are also taking a photography course?
Keep us informed!

Response: 1-Ms. Knight doesn't seem comfortable.
2-The students in Purity Knight's classes have been cross-referenced with no results.

Fri May 9 09:17:01 1997

The "Silence of the night" quote comes from a poem by Poe called, "The Bells." I don't have any other insight at this point. I found it by searching the net. The URL for the poem is http://www.assumption.edu/HTML/Academic/users/ady/poeBells.html

Tim Rushing (rushing@uic.edu)

Response: Thank you for the address.

Fri May 9 08:10:46 1997

The telephone message seems to have been staged. Who would stage something like that so elaborately? An actor, perhaps? Who in this little drama is an actor? Joey Shenton, if I remember correctly.

I also seem to remember that Joey's sister is an editor with Chic Magazine, which suggests the possibility that he could have access to or at least knowledge of professional photographic equipment, which the stalker/abductor (assuming it's the same guy) has.

Another question: why was the threatening answering machine message left on the machine and not reported to the police? Possibly because someone wanted the message found after Purity disappeared. That would suggest that Purity in fact is involved with staging her own "kidnapping."

What motive could she have? The problem with being a victim is that, eventually, people stop feeling sorry for you, stop treating you as a special person, stop cutting you slack, expect you to actually get on with your life. Purity shows all the signs of being a "professional victim," someone who, if things are going too smoothly in her life, will create a crisis simply to remain at the center of attention. Her expressed attitude of wanting to be left alone is somewhat disingenuous, another way of emphasizing her "victimhood."

I think Purity enlisted the aid of someone (perhaps Joey, perhaps the "geek from class") in staging the stalking and kidnapping; this would explain the difference between the "stalker's" profile and what you would expect to see in a real stalker's profile.

We'll see.


Response: 1-Joey Shenton is performing in Europe.
2-The messages were reported to detective Anderson, no report was filed at Ms. Knight's request.
3-The victim profile is appropriate.

Thu May 8 19:26:48 1997

did the police inpect the foot prints from the peeping tom thing? did they find 2 sets of prints ( from 2 different people) or did they find just one? could this crime be related to her sister's death and if so has the people involved with that murder been questioned about Purity being missing? Thanks, M

Response: One set of shoe prints were found.

Thu May 8 13:07:10 1997

One of the suspects in this case seems to be the "geek from
class" maybe Purity was lying to Perez because she didnt
want to reveal the persons true identity!

Thu May 8 12:33:21 1997

Have the sounds on the tape been isolated and matched
with there oragin and if she and Valerie Vilson where sisters did she know
anything about the project or have any computer disks with hidden files.

Response: 1-Voice printing has been done on the tape. No ambient recording noise was found to further identify the tape.
2-Purity Knight claimed no knowledge of the disks from the murder of her sister, Valerie Vilson.

Tue May 6 16:08:04 1997

I sensed a bit of incosistency. I the profile for her parents, Purity is referred to as "Purity Marie" yet evrywhere else in the case she is never referred to as Purity Marie. Not even as an alias. This seems a bit odd to me. I would greatly appreciate any answer.

Response: She used the name, Purity Knight until recently. Upon admission to the University of Mississippi, she changed her name to, Ariadne P. Knight.

Mon May 5 19:51:24 1997

Is there any way to trace the camara? Records of it being
pawned? Would it be the type used in a photography class? Does the age or style of it mean anything?


Response: The camera is too old to trace through manufacturers records. It was likely purchased at a pawn shop. The camera is noted for its shutter design flaws, most models of its vintage are not working.

Sun May 4 12:23:00 1997

Is it still thought that Purity disappeared of her own volition? Who is Lee Perez
Joanne from Montana

Response: Lee Perez is Purity Knight's roommate.

Fri May 2 09:53:05 1997

I too would like to know how Valerie Vilson and Purity Knight are sisters. Was Valerie adopted or what? The bios don't tell how they are related except to say that they are sisters.

Response: The Knights gave up Valerie Vilson for adoption. She was contacted by them shortly before her death.

Purity Knight and Valerie Vilson became friends, as indicated in Vilson's diary.

Thu Apr 24 11:32:00 1997

Who are the main suspects right now?

thank you,
adam gill

Response: There are several persons of interest. Among is Knight's ex-boyfriend, Jake Rohleen and the telephone stalker.

Wed Apr 23 18:49:11 1997

Hi, I just have some questions concerning this case...

was Purity home alone when she was kidnapped?
Who was she talking to on the phone (in pictures)?
Could you ask that person a few questions?
What about the ex-boyfriend??. but that would be too obvious... but, where was he that night?
Has he been missing?
Who is her closest friend, the one she'd tell everything?
Does she or he know anything about the "geek from school"?

Thank you,

Response: 1-The moring after the winndow peeping incident, she failed to report to class.
2-Her mother was on the phone.
3-She was questioned. The conversation with her daughter focused on religious advice.
4-The boyfriend was in Arkansas. His class schedule gives him a good alibi.
5-Miss Knight had no close friends. Lee Perez, knew her best.
6-The "geek" responsible for the phone messages will be found. Voiceprints are as good as fingerprints in Mississippi.

Tue Apr 22 10:21:31 1997

If Valerie Vilson is Purity Knight's sister, why do the bios for both parent's say Purity was an only child?

Response: The biography was submitted by Judith Knight. She does admit a relationship with Valerie Vilson.

Tue Apr 22 01:42:39 1997

How do we know that you are a detective maybe you are the so called suspect!! :)

Response: I'd have a nicer web page if I was a killer.

Tue Apr 22 01:39:52 1997

Was Purity around her sister when she was killed? how long was she stalked for

Response: 1-Purity had seen her days before.
2-The stalking was a problem sincePurity Kights arrival to the University of Mississippi in January.

Mon Apr 21 14:16:47 1997

Dear sir, I was wondering if the camera was a standard 35mm then the suspect would have to be fairly close to the window. If the photos were taken at night there would be some sort of reflection. It would then be possible to analyize this reflection using a computer to inhance it. Possibly giving some information as to who the suspect was.

Response: The photos are at the state lab. It'll be a while before anything like that can be determined.

Mon Apr 21 11:36:21 1997

The biographical brief on Purity is inconsistent with the fact that she disappeared following an alleged stalking and additionally refers to her attending Reed instead of Ole Miss. Why is that? It seems only to confuse anyone trying to assist in the investigation. Any biographical info. that you could provide more consistent with the case you are working would be helpful.

Response: Purity Knight attended Reed College for a year. During the summer she went to a Kibbutz. In the fall, she failed to return from the Kibbutz, and instead, traveled in Europe. Upon her return, Knight enrolled at the University of Mississippi, January, 1997.

Sun Apr 20 10:35:40 1997

If the public is going to speculate further, could you please breakdown the case with correct chronology and more detail? I presume all these incidents occurred in March. So far no leads have been tracked down?

Response: Coming.

Sun Apr 20 00:06:10 1997

It seems like the film was purchased with night time shooting as the intent, but the stalker attempted to grab some work shots (possibly in an agitated or excited state)as an afterthought. A possible sceneario :
The stalker purchased the film, loaded it, and went to the victims work to get some shots of her. The exposure for the camera had been set for daytime shooting but, judging by the first picture, the stalker misfired his first exposure. Prehaps he or she was startled by someone. The shot looks as if it was taken at a back door or altenetive entrance and was not an intentional picture. Not geting the intended pictures the stalker went to the victims home that night, already aware of her schedual. If he or she was was scared off at the victims work this would explain why the camera exposure was not reset for low-light shooting (ASA 1000 is not cheap film and not prefered by amatures, it apears as if the suspect may have a background in in some kind of film related job or schooling.
Would the victim have used the back door for anything (a smoke break, take out the trash, leave to go to her car, etc.) Also, the Rapunzel reference on the answering machine may suggest the stalker sees himself as a "troll" or realizes that his apearence may be, indeed, revolting to the opposite sex. Did the former boyfriend have any friends that may have had contact with the victim on a casual level, and subequently became jealous and obssesed with a girl that his friend, a star football player, treated unjustly ?

Please keep me informed. Thank You.

Response: Very interesting. This comment was made before our suspect profile. Very astute remarks here!

Sat Apr 19 20:46:20 1997

Was there any fingerprints left on the camera by the stalker?

I don't know why, but I would certainly investigate into the roommate further. Does she have a motive? Jealousy? Does she have a boyfriend? It Looks suspiciously like someone is trying to make it look as if a stalker did it.

Why didn't anyone call the police after the telephone answering machine message was recieved?

Response: No prints. Perez is under investigation, as is McPhail and others.

Sat Apr 19 20:33:56 1997

Have you questioned her teacher's and classmates as to the identity of the "geek" that the roommate claims was harrassing Purity? (Someone in one of her classes may fit the description of the stalker/geek).
Is it possible that the stalker was a female?
Can the telephone records be obtained on the nights the "geek from class" called?
What makes you think that she is still alive and living under an assumed name?

Fri Apr 18 14:17:27 1997

The chronology is unclear. On what date was Purity last seen? When did the unidentified caller leave his message?
T. Jackson

Response: The message was left March 2. The stalking was March 3. Purity was missing March 4.

Fri Apr 18 19:02:59 1997

Why did no one erase such a message? It would seem odd to leave such a message on the machine if they did not know who it was . . . has Lee been asked if Purity heard the message or did they both 'just leave it'??