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Woman Stalked, Abducted, and Buried Alive


Purity Knight, age 20, was found murdered near her home. She was abducted following a stalking incident. The abductor sent investigators several notes and photographs.

A child witness found Knight while she was still alive. She gave him a note to deliver, which was found in a stolen library book.

Major Developments

Purity in People Magazine

Window Peeper

Buried in an Underground Tomb

Body Found in a Pine Grove

Dylan Tull, 9 Year old, Befriends Victim

Background Information
6 March 97
Stalking Incident
18 April 97
Buried Alive
9 June 97
Found Dead
24 July 97
Child Witness

This is a repository of investigative information regarding the disappearance of Purity Knight. The public was allowed to participate in the investigation by asking questions, offering observations and providing leads. Send your leads and requests for information to: Detective Armstrong ([email protected])
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