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Incident Report



    Reporting Officer(s): Maria Richards (Unit #221)
    Incident No.:  000443-18A-2001
    Date & Time of Offense:  1/18/01, Between the hours of 07:40 to 17:30
    Date & Time Reported:  1/18/01, 17:42
    Incident Address: 311 Elm Street
    Incident: 911 Report - Housebreaking/Residential Burglary
    Victim's Name: Melissa "Missy" Hammond
    Victim's Age: 25
    Victim's Address: same as Incident Address
    Suspects: None at this time
    All detailed reports on file


At the above date and time, R/O was dispatched to 311 Elm Street in Oxford, Mississippi, a residential structure, in reference to a possible housebreaking and/or residential burglary at that location.  R/O was greeted upon arrival by HAMMOND, Melissa who related in summary that she noticed her door was broken when she arrived home from work.  HAMMOND further related that, at this time, she did not believe anything was stolen from the residence.

An investigation by R/O revealed that toolmarks were apparent between the door and door frame of the rear entrance to the residence near the door lock, damaging the lock itself.  R/O telephoned CSU from the scene and spoke with McMANUS, James.  McMANUS advised HAMMOND that a CSU technician will arrive tomorrow morning to take the door lock as evidence.  HAMMOND related that her father would be coming by in the morning to replace the door lock.  HAMMOND was further advised not to remove the lock or repair the door until CSU arrives in the morning.  HAMMOND was also advised to notify the YCSD within 24 hours if any property has been stolen.

Case referred to Property Crimes Division Detective Greg Reade for further review.


REPORT FILED 1/18/01, 18:21
//Maria Richards, YCSD Officer


//Hamilton Grant, YCSD Shift Supervisor

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