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Valerie Vilson appearing in the Play "Lips Together, Teeth Apart"

Valerie Lynn Vilson was from St. Louis, Missouri. There, she received a B.A. in Acting from Webster College. Upon graduation, in 1991, she moved to Oxford, Mississippi, to pursue graduate studies in acting. At the university, Ms. Vilson performed leading roles in "Blithe Spirit," and "Lips Together, Teeth Apart", both directed by Professor Cindy Gold, as well as "The Water Engine," and "The Seagull." The head of the Theatre Department, Jim Shollenberger, described her as, "One of our brightest stars. She had talent, energy, and ambition"

Valerie Vilson expected to graduate this May, with an MFA. Upon graduation, she was to take a long trip with her boyfriend, Greg Giblini. At the time of her death she was 26 years old.

The victim's relationship with Mr. Giblini shows no history of trouble. By all accounts, they were very happy together. At this time we have been unable to locate Mr. Giblini. We expect to find him soon.

The victim had just moved into the apartment building. There were few personal items available for examination. The most revealing item was the victim's purse. We found an address book, birth control pills, a perscription for Prozac, and matches from four establishments. Also in the purse were: pencils, pens, and make-up.

In the VCR we found a video tape marked New Stage-Jackson. According to Lisa Wood, a friend of the victim, Ms. Vilson intended to accept an internship at this mid-sized theatre located in Jackson, Mississippi. Another tape marked Class Projects was on top of the VCR. A check of the victim's transcripts show that she has taken several film classes.

We are in the process of compiling interviews from the victim's friends.

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