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Crime Scene presents Iris Johansen's newest Eve Duncan Forensics Thriller

Q and A
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We've gotten together bestselling author Iris Johansen and real-life forensic artist and veteran northern New Jersey police sergeant Daniel Sollitti for a Q&A session. What comes up when fiction meets fact? Read on to find out.



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From the New York Times bestselling author of Fatal Tide: Eve Duncan is back in a new thriller that locks her in a deadly duel with a killer. But his forensic sculptor knows that there's an art to solving crime!

"Don't kill her. She's no good to us dead." These words haunt Jane MacGuire after a shocking attack shatters her world in an instant. Who is after her-and what do they want so badly they'll kill anyone in their way? That's what Jane is determined to find out, without the help of the police, the FBI, or her adoptive parents, forensic sculptor Eve Duncan and her husband, Joe Quinn.


Severed Head Found | News | Interviews | Evidence | Biographies | Press  |